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Played with a chair at a missionary school in Prayagraj, barged in and pushed the principal…then grabbed him.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The video of the scuffle with the school principal is going viral.

A video of a missionary school in Prayagraj is going viral on social media. There was a huge uproar over the principal’s chair at Bishop Johnson Girls’ Wing School in the city. There was a tussle with the current principal to remove him from the chair. An attempt was made to throw him out of the office along with the chair. Many people were seen fighting with him. An attempt was also made to take away the mobile phone of the principal. This school is associated with Diocese of Lucknow (Church of North India).

The aggrieved principal has complained about this to the police and administrative authorities. In which the police have also got hold of the video of misbehaving with the principal. The police have started investigating the case. The dispute is said to be over the operation of the Johnson Girls’ Wing School. However, some videos have also been given to the officials on the other side in this case.

A case was registered in the Karnalgunj police station

Aggrieved principal Parul Solomon has filed a case under serious sections against Anal Dan, Bishop Morris Edgar Dan, Vinita Isubius, Sanjeet Lal, Vishal Naval Singh, RK Singh, Arun Moze, Tarun Vyas, Abhishek Vyas and unknown persons at Kolnalganj police station. Parul Solomon said that the operation of the Bishop Johnson Girls Wing School is in controversy.

The matter is going on in court. It is alleged that on Tuesday, July 2, the men forced their way into his office to take possession of it. Parul said that Bishop Maurice Edgar Dane, with the help of his associates, misbehaved with him and grabbed him by removing him from the chair.

The opposite party also made allegations

Parul Solomon’s husband Sumit says he has lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police and handed over the videos and evidence to him. It is alleged that if there is a dispute in the court regarding the running of the school, then why is one being removed and the other being taken over. However, Bishop Morris Edgar Dane and Girls’ High School Principal Vinita Yesubius have also submitted several videos to the authorities in this case. In this, the principal himself is first taking over the school. Currently, the police is investigating the matter from all aspects.

Report-Manish Kumar/Prayagaraj

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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