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People from this state go to Goa to buy petrol and diesel, but that is not the reason.

Sagar Patel

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Petrol has crossed the Rs 100 mark due to the increase in tax on petrol and diesel by the Karnataka government. At the same time, diesel prices are also very high. In such a situation, people from neighboring districts on the borders of Karnataka and Goa are shifting towards Goa. Where both petrol and diesel are available much cheaper than Karnataka. Let us know from which districts in Karnataka people go to Goa and avail cheap petrol and diesel.

People from this district of Karnataka go to Goa.

Karwar in Uttara Kannada district is very close to Goa; Gas stations in the state of Goa can be seen 15 kilometers from Karwar. Therefore, instead of filling up with petrol and diesel in Karnataka, people from Karwar go directly to Goa to fill their vehicles with fuel. Thanks to this, the petrol pumps in Goa also get many benefits.

On the other hand, petrol pumps in Karwar are empty. People here are not willing to buy expensive gasoline and diesel. Not only liquor prices are high in Karnataka, now petrol prices have also increased. Earlier, people from Karwar used to illegally bring and sell only Goan liquor at the border. Now, along with Goan liquor, canned petrol and diesel are also being illegally smuggled into Karnataka across the Goa border.

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What is the price difference?

Now petrol price in Karwar is 104.70 and diesel price is 90.57. The price of electric gasoline is Rs 111.2 per liter. At the same time, the price of petrol in Goa is Rs 95.73. Currently the diesel rate is 88.26, while the power diesel rate is 102.24. If both prices are compared, petrol price in Goa is -8.97, petrol electric price is -8.96 and diesel price is 2.29 less than the price in Karnataka. Therefore, people near the Goa border come to this area to fill fuel in their vehicles. Rates are lower in Goa. People of Karnataka say that many of us come here to refuel and this helps us save. As fuel prices rise in Karnataka, people from Karwar have moved to Goa.

Gasoline and diesel prices in the main cities of the country.

  1. New Delhi: Petrol price: Rs 94.72 per liter, Diesel price: Rs 87.62 per liter
  2. Kolkata: Petrol price: Rs 103.94 per liter, Diesel price: Rs 90.76 per liter
  3. Mumbai: Petrol price: Rs 104.21 per liter, Diesel price: Rs 92.15 per liter
  4. Chennai: Petrol Rate: Rs 100.75 per liter, Diesel Rate: Rs 92.34 per liter
  5. Bengaluru: Petrol Price: Rs 102.86 per liter, Diesel Price: Rs 88.94 per liter
  6. Chandigarh: Petrol Rate: Rs 94.24 per liter, Diesel Rate: Rs 82.40 per liter
  7. Gurugram: Petrol Rate: Rs 95.19 per liter, Diesel Rate: Rs 88.05 per liter
  8. Lucknow: Petrol price: Rs 94.65 per liter, Diesel price: Rs 87.76 per liter
  9. Noida: Petrol Rate: Rs 94.83 per liter, Diesel Rate: Rs 87.96 per liter

Gasoline became cheaper in March

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, there was a flat cut of Rs 2 in the price of petrol and diesel in the country. This cut came after keeping fuel prices frozen for almost two years. After which it was estimated in a report that due to this cut, the country’s oil marketing companies could suffer a profit loss of Rs 30 billion. Currently, crude oil prices have been below $85 per dollar for many days. In such a situation, a reduction in petrol and diesel prices is expected in the coming days.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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