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Peasant: Spreads stigma of farmer suicide on state; The statistics raised concerns that the department’s situation had deteriorated.

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Farmer suicides add to concern

A peasant who carries the spear of the state does not carry the stigma of suicide. The system, the administrative system, the government have all failed completely. Sahibrao Karpe Patil, a farmer of Yavatmal district, is reported to have committed suicide first along with his wife in 1986. Since then there has been no break in the cycle of suicide. Meanwhile, farmer suicides in Vidarbha and Marathwada may have forced Hadarvun from their homes. The situation does not seem to have changed much yet. The annual suicide statistics are alarming.

The figures for four months are alarming

The statistics of farmer suicides in the state in the four months from January to April 2024 is alarming. Shocking information has come to light that 838 farmers have committed suicide in the state from January to April 2024 or four months. The highest number is 235 suicides. 208 suicides were reported in February, 215 in March and 180 in April. Here is the basic information that an average of 7 farmers died every day in four months.

This is also a contract

Most suicides occur in Amravati division

Amaravati division of the state has recorded the highest number of farmers with 383 suicides, while Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar division has seen 267 farmers commit suicide. 84 farmers committed suicide in Nagpur division, no evidence of farmer suicide in Konkant. Most of the suicides have occurred in Amravati and Yavatmal districts.

In the last four months, 116 farmers have committed suicide in Amaravati, 108 in Yavatmal, 77 in Washim, 62 in Jalgaon, 59 in Beed, 44 in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, 42 in Dharashiv, 39 in Wardha, 41 in Nanded, 18 in Buldhana. , 16 in Dhula and 14 in Ahmednagar.

Awaiting financial support

On the other hand, 838 Paki or 171 farmer suicide cases were found to be valid. So far only 104 farmers have received financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh from the government. And 62 farmer suicide cases have been reported. Along with this, the investigation of documents in the case of 605 farmer suicides is going on. Since the government is busy with accusations and counter-accusations and the political leaders of the state do not have time to address the farmers’ questions? Such is the question that farming families ask.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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