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Passengers please pay attention… 78 trains on this route were cancelled, here is the list

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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If you are planning to travel to South India, this news is just for you. In fact, due to the ongoing construction of the third line between Kazipet and Balharshah segment, 78 trains have been canceled till July 7. In addition, the routes of 36 trains have been interrupted. According to The Hindu, South Central Railways (SCR) cited the reason for the cancellation of several trains as the preparation and commissioning work of the third line between Asifabad and Rechni stations in Secunderabad division.

canceled trains

Here is the list of trains affected by cancellations and route deviations from July 6 to 7.

  • Train No. 17003 Kazipet-Solapur Express
  • Train No. 17004 Balharshah-Kazipet Express
  • Train No. 12757 Secunderabad-Sirpur Kagaznagar Express
  • Train No. 12758 Sirpur Kagaznagar-Secunderabad Express

Due to the ongoing works on the third line between Kazipet and Balharshah, these services, along with daily, weekly and fortnightly trains, will be affected. Additionally, trains connecting Secunderabad to Hazrat Nizamuddin, Patna, Raxual, Danapur and Sabdarganj as well as trains connecting Hyderabad to Gorakhpur and Raxual will run at a specific speed during this period due to ongoing infrastructure works on the stretch. Kazipet-Balharshah. been cancelled.

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These trains were cancelled.

  • 20805 Visakhapatnam-New Delhi
  • 20806 New Delhi-Vishakhapatnam
  • 12803 Visakhapatnam-Nizamuddin
  • 12804 Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam

Detour of these trains

  1. 12590 Secunderabad-Gorakhpur (detoured by Majri, Pimple, Khuti, Mudkhed and Nizamabad)
  2. 12589 Gorakhpur-Secunderabad (detoured via Majri, Pimple, Khuti, Mudkhed and Nizamabad)
  3. 12723 Secunderabad-New Delhi (bypassed via Majri, Pimple, Khuti, Mudkhed and Nizamabad)
  4. 12724 New Delhi-Secunderabad (detoured via Majri, Pimple, Khuti, Mudkhed and Nizamabad)
  5. 12723 Hyderabad-New Delhi (rescheduled by one hour on some days)
  6. 12724 New Delhi-Hyderabad (2 hours rescheduled some days)
  7. 12791 Secunderabad-Danapur (75 minutes rescheduled from July 4 to 6)

Due to ongoing work on the Kazipet-Balharshah section, these adjustments are in effect and affect normal train routes and timings until July 5.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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