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Pappu Yadav wants to take revenge on Purnia in Rupauli after praising Nitish and taunting Lalu-Tejashwi?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Pappu Yadav has praised Nitish Kumar

Despite strong opposition from RJD, Pappu Yadav has created history by winning as an independent candidate from Purnia. Bima Bharti, who left JDU and fought with RJD in Purnia, is now RJD’s assembly candidate from Rupauli. In such a situation, questions are being raised as to what Pappu Yadav will do now, whether he will follow the principle of coalition or oppose Bima.

Pappu Yadav did not directly answer this on TV9’s 5Editors program but gave a clear hint by praising Nitish Kumar and criticizing Lalu-Tejashwi.

What did Pappu Yadav say about Nitish and Lalu?

In this special program of TV-9, Pappu said that I have known Nitish Kumar for years. Those close to him may be wrong, but not Nitish. They never encourage wrongdoing. Meanwhile, he also talked about Nitish Kumar’s reversal.

In response to a question asked about the Lalu family, Pappu said that my relations are good. Lalu Yadav called me before the election and I advised him about many seats. Lalu used to ask me to contest from Madhepura or Supaul seat, but I said to contest from Purnia itself.

Pappu said about Tejashwi Yadav that people close to him are not politically mature. It is because of Tejaswi that India Alliance has lost in Bihar. He made several mistakes in ticket distribution, due to which the Bharatiya Janata Party lost 26 seats.

Why Pappu praised Nitish, insider talk

1. Pappu Yadav’s praise of Nitish is currently being linked to the Rupauli by-election. Pappu Yadav demanded Congress to field a candidate on this seat, but Congress surrendered to RJD. Pappu then had the option of supporting an independent candidate, but sources say there were two risks involved.

, A total of 11 candidates are in the fray for the Rupauli seat, out of which 5 are contesting on independent and 6 party symbols. If Pappu had openly supported anyone, it was a tough fight for him. To avoid this, Pappu has adopted the strategy of staying silent here.

, By endorsing Nitish Kumar, Pappu has given a message to his supporters in just a few gestures. Nitish’s candidate Kaladhar Mandal is in a very strong position in Rupauli. Last time, Kaladhar contested the election as an independent and won by around 7 thousand votes.

During the Lok Sabha elections, JDU’s Santosh Kushwaha got about 97 thousand votes, Pappu Yadav about 77 thousand votes and Bima Bharti about 10 thousand votes in Rupauli Assembly. In such a situation, if Kaladhar wins, he will kill two birds with one stone.

2. Apart from this, Pappu’s statement is also believed to put pressure on the Congress. Pappu Yadav wants Congress to come out of RJD’s shadow and expand in Bihar. Pappu has also openly advocated this. The last time the Congress contested the elections in Bihar was in 2010.

3. Pappu Yadav has won the election as an independent. Currently, JDU is in power in the state and dominates the central government as well. Pappu also wants to pave a new path by helping Nitish. Pappu’s joining JDU has already been discussed.

A by-election is to be held in Rupauli, Purnia

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, JDU MLA from Rupauli Bima Bharti resigned and joined the Rashtriya Janata Dal. After resigning as an MLA, Bima Bharti contested the Lok Sabha elections from the Purnia seat on an RJD ticket. However, he was not successful here. The Election Commission has announced a by-election to the Rupauli seat, which fell vacant due to Bima’s resignation.

JDU has fielded a candidate from Kaladhar mandal from here. Mandal was earlier in RJD. While RJD has expressed confidence only in Bima Bharti. Congress and BJP have not fielded candidates here. Rupauli seat has been held by JDU since 2010. In the last election, Bima Bharti on JDU’s symbol defeated Shankar Singh of LJP by about 20 thousand votes.

RJD cornered Pappu in Purnia.

Until the Lok Sabha elections, there was talk that Pappu Yadav would contest from the Purnia seat on behalf of the India Alliance. Pappu Yadav was also busy with preparations, but in the end RJD lost this seat. Keeping this seat in its account, RJD made Bima Bharti its candidate.

After this, Pappu Yadav contested as an independent candidate. After Pappu fought as an independent, Tejashwi Yadav himself took charge here. Tejashwi stayed here for about 4 days. However, RJD could not win.

Pappu Yadav defeated Santhosh Kushwaha of JDU in Purnia seat by around 23 thousand votes.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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