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Paparazzi Culture: Big money behind every photo of celebrities… What is ‘paparazzi culture’ brother?

Ritul Pandey

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A celebrity automatically creates a huge circle of abnormality around that person. In simple words, people who are not available to the common people live a different life from the common people and mainly common people are very curious about their small and big things. There was a time when common fans had to spend money to take a picture of these celebrities or to see their special photo shoots. Their exclusive pictures were only seen in famous magazines, newspapers and journals. Then the fans would keep their scissors with them. As time passed, the demand for photographers increased. There were so many freelance photographers in the industry that could be counted on fingers, who used to take pictures of celebrities and those pictures were in great demand. The craze of Bollywood celebrity was tremendous not only in India but also abroad, but it is still there. Especially when someone from Pakistan used to come to India for a certain number of days, he used to buy pictures of celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai by paying money from such freelance photographers. These photographers also had good relations with celebrities. Celebrities themselves used to go to meet them personally on the sets or other places and talk to them. After 2000, these things changed a lot. Photographers started following celebrities and taking their pictures. As the world started becoming digital, the use of social media started increasing.. these photographers got a different importance. These photographers are now known as ‘paparazzi’.

What is ‘paparazzi’ brother?

In the last few years, it has been seen that the ‘paparazzi culture’ has increased a lot in the Bollywood industry. Now in common parlance, paparazzi means photographer. It is only in today’s digital world that they have got this different identity. When celebrities are seen outside a restaurant or going to or coming from a gym at an event, their photos and videos are clicked by the paparazzi and uploaded on social media. They have special ‘verified’ accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and have millions of followers. Viral Bhayani, Manav Mangalani, Varinder Chawla were once celebrity photographers themselves and now a team of them works as ‘paparazzi’. Common people often wonder how paparazzi reach the restaurants where celebrities go or the salons and gyms they visit. So a big mechanism of ‘paparazzi’ works behind all this. Why the word ‘system’ is used for this, you will understand this further in this article. How this paparazzi culture started in the Bollywood industry, how it grew, how do paparazzi work, how much money do they get for shooting photos or videos of celebrities, the answers to these will be given in this article.

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The beginning of ‘paparazzi culture’

The biggest boost to paparazzi culture in the Bollywood industry was due to social media. Celebrity photographers started posting various pictures and videos clicked by them on social media. They started getting feedback from netizens. Then gradually this amount increased. What clothes do these celebrities wear at the airport, how do they go to the gym, how do they go to the restaurant. As the response of netizens increased, competition started among the paparazzi. Then they started following the celebrities, chasing their cars and standing in front of them with cameras wherever they went. In the last few years, this paparazzi culture has increased so much that even celebrities have started suffering from it. But it is equally important to understand the financial math behind it.

Methodology of the paparazzi

A handful of people who once worked as freelance celebrity photographers have now formed a huge team of paparazzi. Working under personalities like ‘Viral Bhayani’, ‘Manav Mangalani’, ‘Varinder Chawla’, these paparazzi follow celebrities to various places. They are given bikes to chase celebrities. Some wait outside celebrities’ homes for hours. A team of paparazzi remains at the airport 24 hours a day. Any celebrity can be spotted at the airport at any time, so paparazzi are assigned to work in shifts there.

They get information about which celebrity is where through ‘tips’. For this, they get tips from restaurant staff, hotel staff members, celebrity PR team, managers and then they reach that place with their camera. If there is a promotion of a film, then the PR team of the celebrities themselves call them. Often these paparazzi remember the car numbers of celebrities and follow them. To get a glimpse of a big celebrity, they have to wait for hours. One of them is Shahrukh Khan. Sometimes they have to wait for 24 hours.

Even beggars get tips

The most surprising thing in this is that these paparazzi also get tips about celebrities from the beggars of Mumbai. Paparazzo Varinder Chawla has revealed this in an interview. The street beggars who see these celebrities outside a restaurant or anywhere else, call the paparazzi staff and tell them. They have saved the mobile numbers of the paparazzi staff.

The financial math of the paparazzi

The financial calculations of these paparazzi who shoot pictures and videos of celebrities are shocking for common people. Why do they work so hard or take so much risk to get a picture of a celebrity, their financial math can answer this question. In the absence of social media, fans used to pay a lot of money to get a picture of their favorite celebrity. But now the maths of paparazzi is a little different. They get money for a photo and video of a celebrity. Some have fixed packages. Some have contracts with news organizations and are paid accordingly. Apart from this, they also earn a lot through social media.

The rate card of each celebrity is also decided according to his popularity. Paparazzi get the highest amount of money for Shahrukh’s pictures. Similarly, whenever actress Priyanka Chopra comes to India, there is a huge demand for her pictures. Being a global star, Priyanka’s pictures are in great demand all over the world. Paparazzi get good money for clicking her pictures. They also upload videos of these celebrities on YouTube channel. They also earn through YouTube.

There is also a competition among these paparazzi to be the first to get exclusive pictures or videos of the celebrities. Their team is constantly alert to ensure that no event is missed. This is the reason why they keep paparazzi at the airport all the time.

Celebrity anger at paparazzi

Since the rise of paparazzi culture, many complaints have surfaced about interference in the personal lives of celebrities. Many celebrities have also raised their voice against it. Actress Alia Bhatt was sitting on the balcony of her house when someone quietly shot her video. She wrote a post on social media against this and expressed her anger. Actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli have requested the paparazzi not to click pictures of their daughter Vamika. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also took the same step regarding their daughter in the early days. Actress Rani Mukherjee directly threatened the paparazzi. She said that if you take pictures of my daughter, I will take legal action against you.

Some celebrities have accused paparazzi of posting photos and videos from wrong angles. They object to the fact that while posting videos on social media, some parts of the body are zoomed in and shown in a wrong way. Celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Mrinal Thakur have complained about this by coming directly in front of the camera. Janhvi forbade paparazzi from coming near the gym.

Actor Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimur Ali Khan was once a social media craze. The demand for Taimur’s photos and videos is very high, due to which the paparazzi also wait for him outside the house for hours. They used to follow him when he went to school or tuition. One day Taimur was going to tuition when about 40 to 50 paparazzi riding on bikes chased his car. Taimur’s grandmother was also scared by this incident. Finally, when Saif called and requested the paparazzi, they stopped following him to school or tuition.

Paparazzi Varinder Chawla said that actor Shah Rukh Khan is also angry with the way the paparazzi and the media acted after Aryan Khan’s name came up in the drug case. After the Aryan Khan affair, Shah Rukh is not giving paparazzi a chance to click his pictures. Not only this, Shah Rukh has painted his car with black glass since that incident. But Chawla also clarified that some objectionable pictures or videos are removed from social media after the request of celebrities. He said that if a video interferes with the personal life of a celebrity, then they will consider the decision not to post it.

The story of the boycott of the Bachchan family

This team of paparazzi also seems united in terms of work. To give an example of this unity, once all the paparazzi and photographers together boycotted the Bachchan family. This is the story of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai’s wedding. At that time, they did not allow any media coverage. But still some paparazzi tried to take pictures from the wall, gate. At the same time, when a political person’s car arrived, the paparazzi were treated badly. Some were also injured. There was a big ruckus at that place. After this incident, the paparazzi completely boycotted the Bachchan family. Varinder Chawla says, “I have never seen such a big boycott in my life.” After that incident, even if the Bachchan family was seen in any program, their pictures were not taken. When Amitabh Bachchan himself reached an event, all the photographers put down their cameras and refused to take pictures. After taking group photos, Big B used to click photos of other people. Finally, to resolve the paparazzi’s anger, Big B called all the photographers to a hotel. After that meeting, the boycott from the Bachchan family was lifted. Therefore, if the paparazzi take decisions together, they can have a big impact on the popularity of a celebrity.

Paparazzi make celebrities

Some celebrities became famous because of paparazzi while some became celebrities because of paparazzi. Urfi Javed, Auri, Sherlyn Chopra and others got recognition on social media because of paparazzi. Urfi’s pictures and videos went viral when she appeared in front of paparazzi in weird outfits. Seeing the attention of people towards her, she experimented more with clothes. Publicity, whether positive or negative.. is publicity.. this rule applied to Urfi, Sherlyn, Rakhi Sawant. So, it is safe to say that they took full advantage of this ‘paparazzi culture’ too.

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