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Panchayat Season 3: One side is the moon and one side is all bread

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Now that I am writing on the Panchayat, I have seen the piggy bank and come to Mirzapur. I sat writing late making excuses for absurd reasons. But it is necessary to write about Panchayat. So, we will break the piggy bank later and go to Mirzapur if we feel like it. Currently Panchayat.

The panchayat that we came face to face with in season-1 and season-2, the small events and characters of the village that enticed us, made us laugh, made us cry, panchayat fluttered through them all. The hearts and minds of many such people who have not seen the village or have no connection with the village.

The Panchayat had an interesting beginning. There was excitement. There was laughter. Minor disputes. It was a lovely gesture. Beer and Gord’s Amazing Cocktail. Everyone was a hero in Season 1 of Panchayat. Everyone was amazing. The secretary was in full swing. Pradhan Pati and Prahlad’s acting was excellent. The rest of the roles and acting were also enjoyable.

But the second season got serious as it reached its finale. This time someone left early and from here a grumpy old man broke into the panchayat in season 3. A single father, overcome with depression and grief, no longer goes home. Fear has died from within him. He has to make an effort to smile.

The depth of the third season

The third season is darker. There are many images in depth. The feelings have deepened. Flirting before love has now turned into love. If you can’t pass the exam even this time, it’s a shame, so the preparation is serious. Pradhan’s political skills have increased and he is able to take independent decisions by proving the Prime Minister’s decisions wrong. Beyond this political depth, village politics has also become deeper. Banarka is no longer just taunting, he is attacking strategically. It includes entertainment.

Dark clouds of politics are looming over Phulera. The village is divided into two parts. The Prime Minister’s chair is moving on the line between East and West. Development sharing has been questioned and MLA’s muscle power has taken a violent stance. The death of a pigeon now wants to take people’s lives.

Hence the Panchayat has now become serious and profound. Satirical images of the village also evoke the pain of inequality and deprivation within. The helplessness of the government and the ego of the leaders are now starting to hurt. Phulera, who is not in the eyes of the corridors of power and the chess board, has now become a thorn in the side of MLAs and dignitaries.

Moon and bread

And among all these the character of Prahlad Chacha has emerged as the strongest. Prahlad became more and more lonely. Although Prahlad has become lonely, full of sadness, pain and depression and detached, he is beginning to weigh heavily on all of them.

In the third season, Prahlad’s character actually dominates the entire season. The entire cast is on one side and Prahlad alone is on the other. In fact, neither he, nor Phulera, nor the audience could escape Prahlad’s grief. So the sight of Prahlada is also a heavy sorrow like a rock. That’s why not only Prahlad’s body but also his role is becoming an emphasis on everyone.

Faisal has played the role of Prahlad very well. But this depth, seriousness and heaviness of Prahlad will be no less than a challenge for the Panchayat in the coming season. Now the screenwriter has to work on the rest of the characters separately so that the balance is created and the panchayat can laugh, laugh and joke again.

In reality, continuity of humor is possible on screen but maintaining seriousness and balancing its weight is always a challenge. The next season of the Panchayat will face this challenge.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

I am Arun Sharma, a versatile news writer covering entertainment, sports, and breaking news.

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