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Paid reality shows need ‘these’ things to bring in viewers; Madhuri Pawar reveals the shocking truth

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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-Madhuri Pawar, actressImage Credit Source: Instagram

How do reality shows work? What is their math? Actress Madhuri Pawar has commented on this during an interview. I went to audition alone. It was a different experience then. Despite good performance, I was not selected. They told me that your dance is not good. But I felt that my dance was good. When I thought about it, I realized that I do not have any story… Reality shows need a story now. Then how did I come from a simple home? How difficult the journey was and how I got the chance now, all such content is a reality show. They did not see this in me. Madhuri said, that is why they must have rejected me.

“A reality show needs ‘these’ things”

Now, I realized that reality shows now need a story. There has to be a struggle in it. Which will increase the TRP of your channel. So now reality shows need an emotional story. If you have such a story, then even if the contestant does not perform well, he moves forward in the competition. This is the reality of this reality show but I do not think that my journey is a struggle. I think it is not a struggle but the fun of life. During this interview, Madhuri Pawar said that I cannot express it emotionally and basically I did not want to express it that way.

Then the truth came out-Madhuri

I went to a reality show. I thought I danced very well. But I thought I performed so well. But I was not selected there. Then I wondered why I was not selected. When I did the reality show ‘Marathi Paaol Padhte Adi’, I was in a group. I did not feel anything there. My experience there was good. Madhuri said, but when I entered the competition alone, I realized the reality.

Even in reality shows, the audience is brought by paying money. Because if these people want to sit in that program for the whole day, then they are paid. Madhuri said that when she was asked to clap, she clapped.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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