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Organized planning behind NEET paper leak, CBI investigation exposed these characters

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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NEET exam rigging and CBI probe.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing the NEET UG paper leak case. The investigating agency also arrested two people after questioning on Thursday. This is the first arrest by CBI in this case. During the investigation of this case, information was received from CBI sources that it was carried out in a very organized manner. The CBI registered the first FIR in this case on Sunday.

After the government handed over the probe into the alleged exam malpractices to the CBI, the agency found in its preliminary investigation that all the accused were linked. During the investigation, the CBI first examined the roles of all the characters who came to light in the case and found that they all had their own role and each had shared roles.

Whose role was what?

Junior Engineer of Danapur Sikandar Yaduvendu seat of Nitish Kumar And Incarnate joy Nitish and Ankit meet two solver gang members, where both Nitish and Ankit go to Sikandar on personal errands. In the conversation, Nitish and Ankit tell Sikandar that they can leak any exam paper and have their own settings.

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On this Sikandar asks Nitish and Ankit to organize the NEET exam for his nephew. Nitish and Ankit Anand paid Sikandar Yaduvendu Rs. The rate of 32 lakhs was stated. Sikandar told them that he had 4 children that needed to be taken care of and that he would demand 40 lakh rupees from the other party.

Sikandar Yaduvendu’s first candidate is his nephew Anurag Yadav was However, the police arrested him after the NEET exam. Another candidate Ayush Raj And the police arrested Ayush and his father. Akhilesh An arrest has also been made. Both Akhilesh and Sikandar are friends.

Ashutosh got the papers done instead

Sikandar Yaduvendu was playing the role of middleman in the paper leak case. So Ankit Anand and Nitish Kumar were members of Solver gang. There is a person in it Sanjeev Mukhia J is the head of the Solver gang, but is currently absconding. Two students Anurag Yadav and Ayush Raj have been arrested in this case. Ayush’s father Akhilesh has also been arrested.

Arrested by CBI Manish Prakash Its role was to provide safe shelter i.e. home to the students. Manish struck a deal with students who were willing to pay money to take the paper in advance. He then took these students to the hostel where they were given papers and answers.

Ashutosh Kumar Hired ‘Learn Boys Hostel and Play School’ in Patna. Ashutosh knew that the premises were being used to issue question papers to NEET candidates. It was from here that the Economic Offenses Unit of the Bihar Police found the half-burnt papers of NEET-UG.

The chief’s son is also the mastermind

Cintu He is the person who printed the paper from the printer at Safe House Learn Play School. of Alexander Driver Roshan This also includes those who assisted in transportation to and from the children. It has a character rocky, Who is the nephew of Sanjeev Mukhia, the so-called mastermind of the paper leak? Rocky has a good presence in a medical college in Ranchi. And it is alleged that through him the paper went to Patna through rumpus. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

Dr Ahsan Ul Haq There is also a major character, who is the Principal of OASIS School in Hazaribagh and the booklet number 6136488 was leaked from this school. Hence, rights are also under scrutiny. CBI is continuously interrogating Principal Haque and Vice Principal Imtiaz Alam and several staff.

Shiv Kumar aka Bittu, who is the son of Sanjeev Mukhia and another mastermind of the Paper Leak gang. Shiv used to leak papers along with his father. He has also gone to jail and is a doctor in Varanasi. However, he is already in jail in another case.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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