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One more interview and case happened… How did Akash Anand’s political stature rise in BSP?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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BSP chief Mayawati and Akash Anand.

BSP National Officers meeting is on Sunday i.e. tomorrow. Even before this, Mayawati has taken a big decision. He has again embraced his nephew Akash Anand, whom he had marginalized in the BSP a few days ago. Mayawati removed him from the post of National Coordinator. The BSP chief announced him as his political successor this year, but last month Mayawati relieved him of that responsibility as well.

He said that Akash Anand is not yet qualified for this big responsibility. In those days, campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections was going on. Along with Mayawati, Akash Anand was also campaigning for the BSP. His speech was well received, but Mayawati dropped him from campaigning in the middle of the election.

Last week, Akash Anand reached Lucknow to meet his aunt Mayawati. The meeting was kept very confidential. It was said from the BSP president that no one should know about this meeting. Sources say that Akash’s decision was taken in this meeting itself. Mayawati listened to his side in detail. Then asked Akash what to do next.

Akash’s name ranks second among star preachers

Mayawati also told them what not to do. Akash Anand has returned to the mainstream of the party only after this meeting. He has been made the party’s star campaigner in the by-elections to be held in Uttarakhand. Akash’s name is second after Mayawati in the list released by BSP.

There is a meeting of BSP national officers tomorrow in Lucknow. In which the party presidents of all the states of the country including UP have been called. All party coordinators will also be present in this meeting. Akash Anand has also been called in this important meeting. This time the BSP could not even open its account in the Lok Sabha elections, while in the last election the party got ten MPs elected. It is believed that Mayawati may make major changes in BSP after this meeting.

Chandrasekhar Azad has become a challenge for Mayawati

Chandrasekhar Ravan has become the biggest challenge for Mayawati, who has been the chief minister of UP for four times. He has become a Lok Sabha MP for the first time. Ravana also belongs to Mayawati’s caste. Chandrasekhar Ravana’s popularity is steadily increasing among the youth. Mayawati’s concern is to protect her party from Ravana. So far Mayawati has been the biggest leader of Dalits, but now Chandrasekhar Ravan has become the new voice of Dalit politics.

Youngsters of SC community are inclined towards him. To compete with her, Mayawati gave her nephew Akash Anand the responsibility of connecting the youth to the party. He campaigned in Rajasthan assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections. He started campaigning in the Lok Sabha elections from Nagina. From where Chandrasekhar Ravana won the election. People liked Akash Anand’s speech. He was more vocal against BJP than Samajwadi Party. A case was also filed against him in Hardoi on one of his statements. After this, Mayawati banned him from campaigning and giving interviews, but now Mayawati’s mood has changed.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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