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OBC agitation suspended, Pankaja Munde’s impromptu press conference, see what he said…

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Pankaja Munde listens to Sarkar

Laxman Hake, who has been living in the sub-district for the past ten days, has been recognized by the state government by implementing a new push for Obis reservation. He announced the immediate suspension of the protest in the presence of Chhagan Bhujbal today after the general meeting held on Friday. Or Pankaja Munde’s press conference after graduation. Press conference, know what Pankaja Munde says.

What did Pankaja Munde say?

have interfered with their nutrition. This is a good thing. He postponed the meal. He asked for a positive response from the government. But the time has come for them to settle down again. Whatever demands Hake and Waghmare gave, their views and demands are musical. It was said that the certificate was issued in error. Levels need to be checked. As such, Chukchi should be abolished. It should be told as it is. No problem with that for any reason. Yes, Yanchan Sal Sannutrition is. His language is polite. I respect his words and speech. Naslyachan Pakanja Munde has said that all other efforts need to be abandoned.

The actual picture is of a fierce evil goddess. I have said many times that OBCs and Marathas are Bahujans. If there is a fight between them, say something new. I have never gone on a stage and said anything to anyone. I feel that everyone should be united in our state. But now the situation is different. From this we can find the way of governance. Pankaja Mundeni said that both social people raised their issues and discussed with the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister and found a solution.

You are under the Constitution. No society deserves a constitution. Both sides should unite and find a way. There is no question of taking cover. What is written in the constitution should be taken care of. So there is no question of taking Magahar. Pankaja Mude said that if a community feels disadvantaged, the government should intervene.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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