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Now when there will be relief from fraud calls, TRAI has come up with this solution to the calling problem of banking and insurance companies.

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Mumbai – By Telecom Regulatory Commission of India (TRAI) Now this decision has been taken to protect citizens from fraud calls. The Department of Telecommunications has come up with a scheme to save people from the clutches of fake calls. TRAI has now decided to give new number series to banking and insurance companies. Citizens will now get banking and insurance calls from 160 series. The Department of Telecommunications has taken this decision to avoid calls coming from fake numbers. This will free citizens from fake calls from fake numbers.

This new 10 digit number series was designed in such a way that people can identify who is calling. It will understand the calling agency as well as the telecom operator and the place of the call. This is very important to avoid financial scams. The Department of Telecommunications, DoT, in its order said that it has decided to approve a separate number series starting with 160 for phone calls related to special services and transactions. This decision has been taken by the Department of Telecommunications under the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR, 2018).

See the ex post of TRAI’s decision here-

The correct number can be identified

This series of phone numbers will be issued to the government and financial regulator as 1600ABCXXX, with AB being the telecom circle code. For example, for Delhi it will be 11, for Mumbai 22, for Kolkata 33 and for Chennai 44. C will be replaced by the telecom service provider code and XXX will be replaced by numbers between 000 to 999. Also, a new 10-digit number will be issued as 1601ABCXXX for financial institutions approved by government agencies like RBI, SEBI, EPFO, PFRDA, IRDA, etc. Before issuing this number to any financial institution, DoT will conduct a thorough investigation of each institution. Apart from this, an affidavit will also be taken from the institutions before taking this phone number. TRAI has said that this number will be used only for service and transaction related calls.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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