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Not only the people, but also the animals do not drink the water of this village; Go 2 km away to quench your thirst

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Even animals do not drink the water of this village

On Wednesday, a large number of women and men reached the office of the District Magistrate of Gazipur with containers full of water in their hands. Meanwhile, not seeing the vehicle of the district officer in the office, all these people loudly hit the box to give voice to the officers sitting inside. After this, when the officials sitting inside came out to meet the people, the people narrated their entire plight to ADM Land Revenue Amarendra, who was sitting as the District Officer in charge.

Along with social activist Siddharth Rai, who was also the representative of Manoj Sinha, who was the MP from Ghazipur between 2014 and 2019, these women reached the district headquarters in hundreds from Shikarpur village in Devkali block. The demand of these people is that since independence there is no clean drinking water system in their village, due to which these people have to fetch water from a hand pump installed in another village which is about two kilometers away.

There is a tank in the village, but it is also bad

It is not that there was no provision of water in their village. Siddharth said that a water tank was built in the neighboring village during the regime of former UP CM Mayawati, but there is no water in the tank for a long time, for which he once got it repaired by the District Magistrate. One has to face great difficulty.

The villagers gave leaflets

Siddharth Rai and the villagers handed over a pamphlet related to the problems of the villagers to the in-charge district officer and gave him a two-day ultimatum. The villagers say that if the district administration does not make an alternative arrangement considering their problems in two days, then after two days not only the villagers of Shikarpur but also the surrounding villagers will sleep on the road with Gandhiji’s statue. will undertake satyagraha and be forced to protest.

Village head accused of scam

Amarendra, the district officer in charge of the whole matter, said that the leaflets of these people have been received and the district magistrate has also been informed in this matter. Thereafter, action will be taken according to whatever decision the District Magistrate takes. At the same time, the villagers also said that their village head has defrauded the Gram Panchayat funds of lakhs of rupees in the name of providing water to their village. Now the villagers have taken their complaint to the district officer.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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