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Not just yellow… black, purple and blue, you know how many types of corn there are, it wins a lot.

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Black corn gets a good price

In India, when the common man ate coarse grains in his daily life, grains like maize, jowar and millet were part of his diet. Then times changed and people began to eat more and more wheat. Now times have changed again and due to its health benefits, this food from the poor man’s plate has reached the tables of the rich in the form of ‘millet’. In this, corn has its special place and you will be surprised to know that corn is not only yellow in color, but it is also black, green, blue, red and even purple in color.

In the world there are not one, not two, but 300 varieties of corn. The most common is dent corn or grain corn. Its main use is in the production of flour. Apart from this, a separate variety has been developed for popcorn, a separate variety for sweet corn and many different colored corn are also available. Let us know about corn farming and the business related to it…

Corn cultivation: cost and performance

Nowadays corn is not grown only to obtain flour. In fact, many of its varieties, such as baby corn and sweet corn, are grown to be consumed as a vegetable and breakfast. If we talk about growing corn, its cost is quite low. Its cultivation also requires less maintenance compared to others, while giving very good yields.

Corn cultivation can be carried out comfortably in clay and sandy soils. The water consumption in its cultivation is much less compared to gram, wheat, etc. This harvest is ready in 60 to 80 days. While black, blue, purple and other colored corn can take up to 90 days to be ready.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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