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‘Not every day, I drink sometimes, I want to live my life’, a video of a teacher dancing in a school

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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From time to time, videos of teachers in government schools getting drunk come to the fore. This time a video of Kamai East Secondary School in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district has surfaced, in which a teacher is seen dancing drunk. When the villagers asked the teacher if you got drunk, he said I get drunk sometimes. This is not the first case of intoxicated teachers reaching school in the district. Such incidents have happened before, but the action is such that the teachers have no fear of the administration.

A video has surfaced of Ram Pratap Rawat, a teacher working at Government Pre-Secondary School Kamai in cluster center Bindul, who is dancing after drinking alcohol. Villagers made this video to expose the teacher. He was also asked about drinking alcohol. Meanwhile, the teacher also admitted that he was drunk. Along with this, the teacher said that sometimes I come drunk. The drunken teacher said he knew the law. I have knowledge of the whole earth.

The teacher’s video went viral

The viral video is said to be from Monday. In the video, a person can also be seen asking a girl named Anita if the teacher drank alcohol, to which the girl replied that teachers get drunk everyday and beat children for no reason. Besides, school teacher Akanksha also said that Ram Pratap Rawat was found drunk when she came to join. Such people get drunk every day. Sometimes he also teaches children in class. He lives in the school campus itself. When the man asked the teacher if he had been drinking, he said yes, he drinks every day.

The District Education Officer talked about taking action

In the viral video, a schoolgirl and a teacher confirmed that the teacher had come to school drunk. It is also said that this teacher has come to school drunk several times before. Several complaints were made to the authorities, but he did not avoid coming to school drunk. Meanwhile, after the video surfaced, District Education Officer S.B. Singh said that there will be an impartial inquiry into the matter and action will be taken against the teacher.

(Reporting by Naveen Mishra/Singrauli)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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