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New government formed in Britain: will Tata Steel’s troubles now go away?

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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New government formed in Britain: will Tata Steel’s troubles now go away?

A new Labour Party government has been formed in Britain. Now all eyes are on Tata Steel’s plans. The new government has indicated that it is focusing on preventing job losses at Tata Steel. For this, the new government headed by Kier Starmer is in talks with the company. In such a situation, let us know what the new government is planning regarding Tata Steel and whether this will solve the company’s problems.

What is the new government’s plan?

Tata, Britain’s largest steelmaker, recently began closing one of its carbon-intensive blast furnaces, while it plans to close another in September, leading to the loss of 2,800 jobs in Port Talbot in South Wales. According to a Reuters report, the new government is also supporting the company in transitioning to low-carbon technology.

This is how jobs will be saved

The new government will have to approve a £500m ($635m) aid package that the previous government agreed with Tata Steel to help build low-carbon electric arc furnaces, but Tata is opposed by the union. We hope for a better deal, which may prevent some job losses.

According to a report, government minister Jonathan Reynolds said: “We regard this as a big priority. “I am going to make sure that the job guarantee is part of the conversation that we are having.” The government’s attention comes after employees at the country’s largest steelmaker postponed their plans to strike following a warning from the company. Tata Steel had indicated that if there was a strike, its two furnaces would already be closed.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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