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Neither inspector nor inspector… SP sir had faith in the head constable, made him the post in charge.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The head constable was made in-charge of the post

Hard work takes time, but it also gives wonderful results. This is what one feels when listening to the story of a head constable from the perfume-scented city of Kannauj. You have often heard people saying that either become an officer in the police job or leave it alone, but if you do it with true dedication, your hard work will surely take you to the top.

A case has come up from the police department in Kannauj, UP which is being discussed everywhere. A move by the SP changed the head constable’s life. The head constable was promoted to the in-charge post without promotion. Suddenly, the head constable was surprised to see post incharge written before his name in the transfer list. SP has given him this award for his hard work and dedication.

Large scale transfer

In Kannauj, the transfer list of outpost in-charges and some police constables has come out. In which the SP made a head constable the post-in-charge. Sudhir Singh Chauhan, a resident of Etana Aliganj, joined the police in 2011. He came to Kannauj in 2015.

How was the journey to get here?

In 2015, he was first posted at Tirwa Police Station, then in 2020 he was at Gursahaiganj Police Station. At the Gursahaiganj police station, he worked with his officers on some of the most talked about incidents. At the same time, Sudhir consistently performs his duties with complete sincerity, hard work and dedication. As for Sudhir’s family, Sudhir’s father was a farmer named Rajeev Singh. There are four brothers including Sudhir’s mother, a younger sister and Sudhir in the household. Eldest brother Sanjay is in army, second is Sudhir, third is Anuj, also in army and fourth brother is Chandan Singh MR.

Played a big role in this matter

He got inspiration from his brothers to do something for the country. In such a situation, Sudhir joined the police force. Sudhir kept moving forward on the strength of his hard work and dedication. He never looked back. Sudhir played a major role in a case of brutality on a girl in Gursahaiganj area. When he saved the life of an innocent person and put the main accused behind the bars.

True hard work paid off

Sudhir’s behavior is also very soft towards everyone. Considering these things, Kannauj Police Captain Amit Kumar Anand awarded him this award. Sudhir, who was looking for his transfer station in the list of constables, was overjoyed when he came to know that he has been made the post in-charge. Kannauj SP Amit Kumar Anand said that this can be done under para 58 Police Regulation. Sudhir was constantly working hard and with utmost sincerity towards his uniform. We have more number of posts in the district, so this young man with fresh thinking has been given this responsibility.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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