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Neither 100 nor 200, the valuation of companies in the Indian stock market is Rs 4,29,32,991 crore

Sagar Patel

By Sagar Patel

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Today, the Indian stock market is breaking many records one after another. There was an uptrend in the market on Wednesday and meanwhile the market valuation of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) reached its highest level ever. The market valuation of companies listed on the BSE has now reached Rs 4,29,32,991.65 crore. After all, how did the stock market get to this point?

Amid the ups and downs, the BSE’s Sensex stock index, comprising 20 companies, rose by 149.98 points on Wednesday. This was a total increase of 0.20 percent. Sensex closed at 76,606.57 points after afternoon trade. There came a point during the day when the Sensex recorded a gain of 593.94 points or 0.77 per cent and reached 77,050.53 points. Earlier in the last few days, BSE Sensex had reached its all-time high level of 77,079.04 points.

mcap more than 5 billion

Investors directly benefited from the bullish stock market trend. The market capitalization of companies listed on the BSE has reached Rs 4,29,32,991.65 crore. If we look at it internationally, the mcap of companies listed on the Indian stock market has crossed $5.14 trillion i.e. $5 trillion. On Wednesday the market showed an upward trend, while in the previous days a weak trend was observed in the stock market. In total, 17,61,53,464 investors trade on the BSE.

What is MCAP?

If you invest in the stock market, you know what market capitalization is. But for those who are unaware of the stock market, we tell you that market capitalization is the real market value of a company. It is determined by the company’s share price.

Suppose a company has kept 100 percent of its shares open for trading in the market and the number of these shares is 1000. When the company launched these shares in the market through an initial public offering, its price was Rs 10. . Thus, the market valuation of the company became Rs 10,000. Now, after a few years, if the share value of the company becomes Rs 20, then the market valuation or capitalization of this company will be Rs 20,000.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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