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NEET Paper Leak Scandal: Raja Sanjeev Mukhia Turned Out to Be Wicked, How Did He Avoid Arrest?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Police are looking for Sanjeev Mukhia in NEET case.

Sanjeev Mukhia, the kingpin of the NEET paper leak case, is very clever. In fact, after an FIR was registered on May 5 regarding the NEET paper leak scandal, he realized that he was bound to get caught up in it. Finding himself trapped, Sanjeev Mukhia got an order from the ADG-5 court in Patna exactly one month later, on 5th June, that no strict action should be taken. He cannot be arrested after this order.

The order clearly states that he cannot be arrested even in FIR No. 358/2024 registered in Shastri Nagar Police Station regarding NEET case. Sanjeev Mukhia’s name has repeatedly cropped up in Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) investigations. At the same time, his name also came up in the interrogation of all the arrested accused, though he could not be arrested. Although the EOU team is looking for Sanjeev Mukhia but he is absconding.

Sanjeev Mukhia’s son is in jail

Sanjeev Mukhia is also the main accused in the teacher recruitment exam paper leak case conducted by BPSC in Bihar. He and his son Dr. Shiva was arrested, but Mukhiya was released from jail after a few months. Mukhia’s son is still lodged in Patna Beur Jail.

Here the Bihar government has issued a notification and handed over the investigation to the CBI. The investigations so far have revealed important things. The investigation revealed that the entire paper leak scam was carried out in an organized manner. The paper was leaked about 48 hours ago and those candidates were paid a night before. This is the reason why paper leak could not happen in India.

How was the paper given?

According to the investigation, the accused were so cunning that they gave candidates limited access to the leaked question paper. Some candidates paid less money and were also given a portion of the leaked question paper as per the amount. So far no evidence of tampering has been found in the question paper boxes. The statements of all the banks in which the question papers were kept in their lockers and the courier companies which sent them to the bank and from there to the Center will be recorded and their route mapped. The investigating agency suspects that the paper was leaked when it was being sent to a bank locker.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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