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NEET Paper Box Has Six Levels Of Security… Still How Paper Leaked?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The Ministry of Education is said to be upset with the National Testing Agency i.e. NTA over the entire paper leak issue. In fact, not only the NEET UG paper was leaked, but after this the UGC NET paper also had to be canceled due to the suspicion of leakage, then the CSIR NET paper and the NEET PG paper also had to be canceled by NTA within 3 weeks of the major papers. Thus, very serious questions have been raised on the functioning of NTA. Meanwhile, after Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Haryana, the NEET UG paper leak case has reached Maharashtra and the CBI has taken over the investigation.

The first question in this whole affair happened in Patna, Bihar, where some students were given the paper the night before the exam and their answers were prepared. The EOU in Bihar suspects that the serial number question paper given to students in Patna on May 4 was given to Oasis School in Hazaribagh to be solved.

Strict Security of NEET Paper Box

The box in which the NEET paper is sent has six layers of tight security.

1 – First a box is completely closed with tape.

2 – Under the second layer of security, inside this taping is a strong cardboard box.

3 – On the third level, there is an iron box inside this cardboard box. There are two types of locks in this iron box. The lock is a digital lock that can only be opened at a specific time.

4 – The second lock is of iron, it is not cut with a key but with a saw.

5 – Then a packet inside it comes out, which is a sealed packet.

6 – Next is the last packet, in which the question papers are kept. The packet is taped shut, so it can only be opened by cutting. But it is cut with scissors only at designated places.

However, Bihar’s Economic Offenses Unit found that the packet had already been cut from the bottom, where it shouldn’t be cut, and then taped. The question paper leaked in Patna had the serial number of a girl giving the paper at Oasis School in Hazaribagh. One thing that emerges from this is that the paper leak mafia had already photographed or captured the question paper from somewhere.

How did the paper reach Oasis School?

On May 3, NTA officials sent the paper box from Delhi to Ranchi by air. After sending it here, courier company Blue Dot took custody of it from Ranchi airport and sent it by car to Blue Dot’s office in Hazaribagh. The Blue Dot officials then sent him to the bank, but he was sent to the bank by an e-rickshaw. The box of papers reached the bank on 3rd May and on the morning of 5th May, under the supervision of bank officials and NEET officials, Oasis School Principal Ehsan Ul Haq says the box of NEET papers was opened with full protocol. All the officials and finally the packet of paper was cut from the bottom.

The EOU questioned him about this and he himself raised questions as to how the copy of the paper reached Patna on May 4. A CBI investigation has started and its officials have been spread across all the states where traces of the paper leak are being found.

Where and what is the CBI investigating?

The investigation into the NEET paper scam has been handed over to the CBI and the CBI has registered a case. CBI has taken its case diary and FIR from Bihar Police for investigation. According to CBI sources, the entire investigation is in 4 phases. The CBI will investigate the process of preparing the examination papers, printing them, sending them to different parts of the country i.e. transportation and distributing the papers to the examination centre.

Those NTA officials are also on the CBI’s radar, who may have had a direct role in the paper leak. CBI is preparing to reach the criminals with the data of 1000 phone numbers. On the other hand, in this case, after Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Haryana, connections have been given to Maharashtra.

The line of inquiry reached Maharashtra

A case has been registered against 2 people at Shivajinagar Police Station in Latur, Maharashtra. This includes the names of two teachers from Latur, Sanjay Jadhav and Jalil Pathan, who were questioned by the ATS on Sunday, but later released. Both these teachers teach in Latur Zilla Parishad School.

These two teachers from Latur seem to have connections with Delhi. Both the accused from Latur were in touch with Gangadhar from Delhi through a person named Ira. Admit cards of several exams and money transaction information have also been recovered from the mobile phones of both the teachers.

The CBI team also reached Godhra

As soon as the matter reached the CBI, a team from Delhi reached Godhra early in the morning. A team of four-five members has camped in Godhra. In fact, on May 5, 2024, the District Collector conducted an inquiry after receiving information about the malpractice in the examination conducted at Jayajalram School, Godhra. A complaint was registered at the Godhra taluka police station following the involvement of school teacher Tushar Bhatt, the principal and five others during the investigation.

The Gujarat government registered the case on 8 May 2024. Later all the five accused have been arrested and sent to jail. Police have so far received checks worth around Rs 2 crore 30 lakh and 8 blank cheques.

The Panchmahal police and net theft investigation officer contacted the CBI team at Godhra Circuit House. As the CBI is trying to understand the situation in Patna and Godhra and gather evidence, this step has been taken to ensure an accurate and fair investigation in the paper leak case. Data received by the Gujarat Police from the NTA revealed that a total of 16 students were prepared to pass. Out of which 10 students are from Gujarat, while 6 students are from other states.

Under the NTA question

The biggest question after the NEET paper leak is on the National Testing Agency i.e. NTA. For this reason, the government has removed Subodh Kumar Singh from the post of NTA Director General and made Pradeep Kharola the new Director General. To review the working of the NTA, a high-level committee chaired by former ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan has been constituted, which will look into transparency and reform possibilities.

NTA was formed in the year 2017 to professionally conduct important entrance exams in the country. The aim was to make NTA a professional and efficient organization that would conduct only online examinations in collaboration with reliable and qualified technical partners. Along with this, there were plans to build America’s Educational Testing Service on ETS.

ETS is a private organization in America that administers prestigious exams like the Scholastic Aptitude Test i.e. SAT and the Graduate Record Examination GRE for admission to colleges and universities.

NTA also conducts 25 public and main exams such as NEET, UG NEET, PG for admission in medical colleges, JEE Mains exam for admission in engineering colleges, CUET for admission in central universities, General Management Entrance Exam for admission in management institutes etc. rests on the shoulders of NTA.

NTA is short of staff

According to experts, they don’t even have 25 people as permanent staff. They come only on deputation from other government departments. Apart from this there are temporary employees on fixed term contracts. NTA is short of staff, so paper setting is done by outside experts.

As such examinations demand many technical professionals and experts, private technical partners should also be highly reputable with large IT infrastructure and strict cyber security protocols.

In the early years, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was the partner technical agency of NTA. When NTA was formed, it was designed to conduct online exams only. JEE and CUET exams are conducted on computer, but NEET exam is conducted with pen and paper.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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