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NEET: Organized from Jharkhand center to Patna… Full story of paper leak in inquiry report.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The investigation into the NEET UG paper leak case is progressing rapidly. ADG Nayyar Hasnain Khan of EOU i.e. Economic Offenses Unit in Patna has submitted a detailed report to the Ministry of Education and NTA based on the investigation so far. A status investigation report is written on this detailed report of the EOU. TV9 Bharat Varsha has got information about the main points of this investigative report. First of all, the EOU report has written that the NEET exam paper has been leaked.

The report also mentions that a forensic examination of the burnt question paper is also being conducted. The EOU report also attached the remnants of the burnt question paper and the list of 68 questions found from it.

Key Points of the EOU Report:

  • After receiving a call from Jharkhand, Jharkhand number JH01BW 0019 car was caught in which Sikandar, Akhilesh and Bittu were traveling. Admit cards of many students were recovered from him. During their interrogation, the rest of the gang members, the students and their examination center were exposed. Three of his hideouts were found, where burnt question papers and evidence of financial transactions were found.
  • Copies of the statements of 13 people arrested so far have been attached as proof of the paper leak.
  • A detailed report of financial transactions has been written in the paper leak case. In which cheque, passbook, ATM card and deposit withdrawal reports ordered from some banks are also being sent as attachments.
  • Copies of statements of the four students arrested in the paper leak case, Ayush Raj, Anurag Yadav, Shivanandan and Abhishek, along with detailed information about their roll numbers, booklets, examination centers etc., are being produced separately. Complete information about where and in which coaching institute all these students have studied so far is also recorded.
  • A detailed report has been prepared about the history of arrests so far along with the statements of Sikandar, Amit Anand, Nitish and others of the Solver gang.
  • The fugitive solver gang Sanjeev Mukhia, Chintu, Pintu, Rocky alias Rakesh and others have also been mentioned separately in the NEET paper leak case.
  • The entire paper leak story is reported to have spread from a center in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand to Patna and reached students.
  • The entire conspiracy was hatched in a government office in Danapur, Patna and the students were kept in a safe house in Patna itself. Where questions and answers were given to all the candidates.
  • In this entire matter, the Economic Offenses Unit report has mentioned the documents and evidence presented by the Deputy Chief Minister after the revelations of TV9’s guest house episode. This guest house was used by Sikander along with his mother Reena to house his relative candidate Anurag Yadav.
  • Finally, the Economic Offenses Unit referred to the action still being taken by its SIT.
Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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