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NCP leader lost his balance while saying ‘Sharad Pawar’s last election…’; excitement due to a shocking statement

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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A statement by Umesh Patil, spokesperson of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s party NCP, has raised many eyebrows. MP Supriya Sule was the candidate from NCP Sharad Chandra Pawar’s party from Baramati seat in the Lok Sabha elections. Sunetra Pawar was the candidate from Ajit Pawar’s party. Supriya Sule won this election. While reacting to this election, Umesh Patil lost his balance and said something else. “The lead he got in Baramati was not due to any Supriya Sule. People did not vote for Supriya Sule. People voted because this is Sharad Pawar’s last election”, Umesh Patil made a shocking statement.

“Now Supriya Sule will get an MP fund of Rs 5 crore. Nothing can be achieved without it. So she will take selfies of potholes. Asking questions is not the only work. So solving them is the work. For this, funds are needed from the Centre. It takes power. This is what we say”, said Umesh Patil.

Umesh Patil targeted Rohit Pawar

On this occasion, Umesh Patil also criticized MLA Rohit Pawar. “Rohit Pawar is in a hurry to become the Chief Minister. The Zilla Parishad does not end. That is why he wanted to become an MLA. Now if he cannot become an MLA, he wants a ministerial post. If he does not get it, he was going to join the BJP. Now the competition between them has started. This has started getting exposed”, Umesh Patil criticized.

What did Umesh Patil say about Bajrang Bappa?

“Khasdar Bajrang Bappa is now speaking what Rohit Pawar has asked him to speak. Pankajatai herself knows that Dhananjay Munde fought very fiercely. He fought more fiercely than Pankajatai. Don’t be surprised if Bajrang Sonawane comes and sits with us in the future,” said Umesh Patil.

”The statement of Sharad Pawar faction MLA Jitendra Awadh should be listened to carefully. It says exactly what we were talking about. The decision to go with the BJP was taken several times. Attempts are being made to make Ajitdad a villain. It is said that the MLAs who came came after Sharad Pawar”, said Umesh Patil.

“The names of those who will be sent to the Rajya Sabha will be decided soon. We have everything. Statements keep coming. If there is a discussion in some places, it will go to the coordination committee, there is no dispute between us.” I don’t think the BJP will agree. Hemant Vishwasarma was brought from outside and made the Chief Minister where he was successful. The opposition is looking for topics. Organiser is not a mouthpiece of some RSS. They are of the same ideology. There was no criticism of our party in the BJP coordination committee”, claimed Umesh Patil.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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