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NCB team raids Dawood’s hill, mega operation, drugs worth 60 crores and notes worth 69 lakhs seized

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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NCB team raids Dawood’s hill, mega operation, drugs worth 60 crores and notes worth 69 lakhs seized

The NCB team entered the hill where underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar grew up. The NCB team conducted a mega operation in the hills. Drug stock worth Rs 60 crore has been seized in this operation. NCB officials have arrested 3 accused in this operation. Who else is with the accused, how and from whom were they smuggling drugs? This information will be revealed through investigation. The special thing is that the NCB team had started this operation for the last several days. Now their operation has been successful. NCB Zonal Director Amit Ghavate has given information about this action.

Nagpada and Dongri area was considered to be the stronghold of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. It has been revealed that crimes like drug smuggling are still going on in his former stronghold. But NCB officials recently entered the area and seized 31 kg of mephedrone drugs worth Rs 60 crore. Drug officials have also arrested three people in this case. Accused Musharraf JK was running a drug smuggling racket. 10 kg of mephedrone drugs were found with this accused. When he was detained and interrogated, 10.5 kg of mephedrone was seized from the room of a woman named Nausheen. When he was detained and interrogated based on the information given by him, the NCB was successful in arresting an accused named Saif with 11 kg of mephedrone drugs.

What did the NCB zonal director say?

“The operation took place on the evening of June 26. 31.5 kg of mephedrone drugs were seized in this operation. Cash worth Rs 69 lakh was also seized. Three accused have been arrested in this case. This operation was carried out in Dongri and Nagpada areas. The cost of the drugs seized in this operation is Rs 60 crore”, said NCB zonal director Amit Ghavate.

“This was a very challenging operation. Both these areas are sensitive. There are often difficulties in taking action there. Apart from this, there was heavy rain in the area. But still we kept trying. It was a long-term effort. This hard work was rewarded”, Amit Ghavate said. “We are investigating the case from all angles. It is difficult to say whether this case is linked to the underworld or not”, Amit Ghavate also commented.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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