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Narendra Modi: NDA is not an amalgamation of parties but an organic alliance with the political system; claims Modi

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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It has been three decades of NDA. This alliance has completed three terms of five years each in 30 years. And I am entering the fourth term with an open mind. An open mind is important. If analysts think, they will find that the NDA government is run by the crowd and not by any crowd. It is committed to the basic spirit of nation first. This is such a group. NDA leader Narendra Modi claimed that NDA is an organic alliance of the Indian political system. The seed that these people had sown. Today the people of India have watered their faith and made it a banyan tree. We have the legacy of these great leaders. We are proud of it. He said, we have tried to move forward with those values ​​of NDA. Today Narendra Modi has been elected the leader of NDA.

Good governance is the alternative word for NDA

Good governance is something that we have in common. We have given good governance. When NDA is mentioned, good governance becomes an alternative word. Wherever we have been, welfare of the poor has been paramount among us. The country has seen ten years of good governance of NDA for poor welfare. I can say that the country is saved.

Only then will democracy be strengthened

I believe that the less government interference in the lives of the middle class and upper middle class, the stronger the democracy will be. Today, in the age of technology, we can do this work easily. We need change. This is an important part of good governance. Let’s write a new chapter of development. Let’s write a chapter on public participation. Modi appealed to realize the dream of developed India.

Any representative of any party in the House is equal for me. Even in the House, whether it is Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, everything is the same for us. That is why NDA has been growing strong for 30 years. No one is alien to us. We have brought everyone closer. We have worked with this team spirit in 2024 and worked till the grassroots level, that is what has given us the strength of an organic alliance. They have helped each other. Where there is less, we also thought the same. If there is any shortage, I will come, I will not let anything fall. Where there is less, we lived like activists. So this was a victory.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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