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Nagpur: In greed of 300 crores, daughter-in-law hatched a murder conspiracy, killed father-in-law by giving betel nut

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Kalyugi Bahu in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Rs. Killed his father-in-law to grab the wealth of 300 crores. He paid huge sums of money to Sopari killers to kill his father-in-law. At first an attempt was made to show the murder as an accident. But as the investigation progressed, several shocking revelations came to light in the case. Then the distinction of murder was solved to a great extent. Three of the criminals with whom the daughter-in-law killed the father-in-law have been arrested. The rest of the search is on.

On May 22, Purushottam Puttewar (82 years) was hit by a car in Manewada Complex, Nagpur. He died in this incident. This incident was captured in CCTV cameras. The police initially registered a case of accidental death. After the incident, the deceased’s brother told the police officer that he suspected murder. When the police started investigating in that direction, shocking revelations were made one after another.

The miscreants confessed to the crime

In this case, on the basis of CCTV, the police detained and interrogated the car driver Neeraj Nimje and Sachin Rihli. During investigation, the duo told the police that they took money from Archana Puttewar and hit her father-in-law with the car. Police have so far arrested three accused in this betel nut murder case. Daughter-in-law Archana had her eye on Purushottam’s paternal wealth of 300 crores. The special thing is that the fact of Archana being a government official has also come to light.

Soon the whole murder mystery will be solved

Nagpur Police Commissioner said that this case is high profile. The Nagpur Crime Branch team is investigating the matter. Police have so far arrested three accused in this case. Soon the police will arrest all the accused related to this case and solve the mystery of this Sopari murder. There are many details yet to be revealed in this incident.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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