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‘My poverty is not due to caste…’, what did Pasha Patel say on Jarange’s movement?

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Manoj Jarange Patil is known all over the country for his Maratha reservation. Manoj Jarange Patil has now demanded reservation for Muslims as well. BJP leader Nitesh Rane has said that reservation cannot be given on the basis of religion. But now, although the Muslim farming community is more, they are suffering from poverty due to the internal business of agriculture. In this regard, Pasha Patel from Dehu has supported Jarange’s demand for reservation for Muslims. He said, ‘We are Kunbis since 1168. The farmer is called Kunbi. When Jarange got Kunbi records and demanded to give him a certificate, the officials came to our village, they asked who you are, everyone in the village said that we are Kunbis.’

Pasha Patel of Dehu in Pune district further said that we are Kunbis since 1168. Farmers are called Kunbis. Jarange Patil demanded a Kunbi certificate. After that demand, officials came to our village. When they asked who are you, all the people of the village said that Pasha Patel is Kunbi. If the records from 1156 till today are as Kunbi, then I am really a Kunbi. And I will be happy if I get a Kunbi certificate, says Patel.

Poverty in the household is the same as poverty in agriculture

I am a Muslim, Syed, from a high caste. But I never thought that I would get reservation, so I never tried. Now if it is available as Kunbi, I welcome this reservation. Pasha Patel says that this will benefit not the child but our grandson. He also said that if Jarange Patil’s movement gets Kunbi certificate, we will be happy. What did Jarange Patil say? I cannot say anything about this. But I am a man of economics. My poverty is not based on caste. My poverty is based on business. There is poverty in farming, so there is poverty in the house. Otherwise poverty will not come in the house. He also said that he has been doing farming since birth.

One roti and the one who eats…

Caste and religion will be broken. Pasha Patel said that a time will come when there will be one roti and four people to eat, then there will be 100 percent fight. A lot of injustice has been done with agriculture in the last 70 years. If people are happy with food and drink, then no one will go into caste and religion. Jarange is leading the Patil community. I have nothing to say about the ongoing movement. This is an agriculture based community. I had said in Delhi that one crore people came on the streets with Jarange. Pasha Patel has also said that these people were suffering from caste, these people came on the streets through caste.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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