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Munjya Review: Dar Ke Aage Munjya Hai… How is this movie by Sharwari Wala

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Sharwari Wala is playing an important role in ‘Munjya’. Image Credit Source: Maddock Film

If you travel from Mumbai to Goa, you will hear many stories of ghosts and black magic on the way. Everyone living in Konkan would have many such stories of Munjya, Huddle and Devchar, which he heard from his grandmother. Over the years these stories are told to future generations. ‘Tumbad’ was one of those stories. Even today, when we go to the village, mother says, “Don’t go out in the evening, Munjya will come.” Yes, even ghosts have their time and place in Konkan.

Some ghosts meet in the afternoon, some in the evening, some from 12 to 4 at night, and there are some that like to stay in a certain area, those ghosts are not very comfortable going out of their area. Even today, when the village elders point out the many Pipla trees in the village and say with great conviction that Munjyas are tied to these trees, you start to sweat even in the cold air. When the trailer of ‘Munjya’ was released, there was curiosity to know how the film would fare in Hindi. And out of curiosity I watched the movie. The movie is fun. And does justice to the horror comedy genre as well.


If a Brahmin boy dies within 10 days after the Munj Upanayana Sanskar i.e. sacred thread ceremony, he becomes a Brahmarakshasa. This Brahmarakshasa is also called ‘Munjya’. This Munjya goes after one of his relatives to fulfill his unfulfilled desires. In the year 1952, a boy living in Konkan is determined to marry an older Munni. He does not shy away from sacrificing his sister to fulfill his wish, but in the process his sister survives. But this child dies. Then that child becomes ‘Munjya’. Now how does this ‘Munjya’ take revenge from his sister, does his unfulfilled wish come true? How will this ‘Munjya’ stack up against Bittu (Abhay) and Bela (Sharwari Wala)? To know the answer to these questions, you have to go to the theater and watch ‘Munjya’.

Aditya Sarpotdar’s ‘Munjya’ is a horror-super natural comedy film. This film is completely different from the traditional horror films. This movie also scares you. And will make you laugh a lot. Because even though Munjya is called Brahmarakshasa, intellectually he is still a child. A child who is spoiled, mischievous and keeps bothering others. And it is these habits of his that entertain the audience.

For example, on the one hand, this Munjya kills some of Bittu’s close people, and on the other hand, threatens to make his sister bald if she does not do her job. Sometimes repeating the same thing over and over irritates the other person to such an extent that we say ‘Enough, man.’ Drama, comedy, romance and intimacy are all in this film. Like Maddock’s ‘Stri’ and ‘Bhedia’, this film also entertains you to the fullest.

Directing and writing

Aditya Sarpotdar has earlier done a horror comedy in Marathi titled ‘Zombivali’. The film earned well at the box office. Aditya now knows very well how to keep the audience hooked from beginning to end. And in the movie ‘Munjya’ he has put this talent to good use. Making a feature film with CGI characters was not easy. But this challenge is handled very well by Aditya Sarpotdar and the writers of the film, Niren Bhatt and Yogesh Chandekar. Even though the film is made for a national audience, Aditya has done a wonderful job on its details.

There is a scene in the beginning of the film where ‘Sankasur’ (a masked character that children are afraid of) is shown during a village festival, usually dressed in black, thus scaring the children with a ghost-like appearance. But the little child is not afraid, who later becomes Munjya. He growls at Sankasura in such a way that the demon-turned-human takes two steps back. The director has done excellent character building in many such small scenes. The actors have also given him full support.


Sharwari Wagh, Mona Singh and Abhay Verma’Munjya’ playing a major role in But the superhero of the story is Munjya. Abhay Varma also does full justice to his role. Abhay has already shown a glimpse of his talent in Sandeep Singh’s film ‘Safeed’. Looking at his acting, it can be said that this is just the beginning. Mona Singh plays Marathi Bittu’s Punjabi mother. His character is also interesting. Sharwari has also acted well in the film. The film has cast many theater actors, who have played their roles with sincerity. Baahubali’s ‘Katappa’ Sathyaraj has brought a fun twist to this film.

CGI, cinematography and music

For the first time in the history of horror films made in our country, ‘Munjya’ has introduced a CGI character as a villain. And the way this character has acted, this experiment can be called a successful experiment. Now it will be curious to know what other wonders can be seen using this technology in the future. Whenever a beach is to be featured in films, the Hindi film industry either goes to Goa or out of the country. But there are many wonderful places and virgin beaches on the coasts of Konkan and Gujarat, where one can see the beautiful scenery of nature like Maldives and Mauritius. Konkan region is also called ‘California of India’. In ‘Munjya’, cinematographer Saurabh Goswami has presented the beauty of Konkan and the traditional architecture of the houses there to the audience with his unique camera work.

Music is the most important thing in a horror film, if there is no proper music then the horror film becomes a joke. But in ‘Munjya’, Sachin-Jigar does the job of creating an atmosphere of fear with their music with great enthusiasm.

To see or not to see

If you like hardcore horror movies, this movie is not for you. The film is based on one of the stories told from generation to generation. So, if you look for logic in this, you will not find it. But definitely watch this movie for a new cinematic experience. Not only adults but also kids can enjoy this movie a lot. Because an American great named Neil Gaiman has said that fairy tales don’t tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons are real. But fairy tales give children confidence that dragons can be slain.

Movie: Munjya

Director: Aditya Sarpotdar

Starring: Abhay Verma, Mona Singh, Sharwari Wagh

Rating: *** 1/2

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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