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Mumbai: Real mystery of severed finger found in ice cream revealed, this DNA report will shock you

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The finger was stuck in the ice cream.

A severed human finger was found in an ice cream parlor in Mumbai’s Malad area. The police investigated the matter to find out whose finger it is. Meanwhile, a few days ago, it was revealed that the finger of an employee working in an ice cream factory was cut. The police conducted his DNA test. A DNA report has revealed that the severed finger belongs to an employee who works at an ice cream factory in Pune’s Indapur.

A police officer said that the forensic science laboratory report received during the day said that the DNA of the finger part and that of Omkar Pote, an employee of the ice cream factory, were the same. He said, ‘During the process of filling the ice cream in the Indapur factory, a part of the middle finger of the pot was cut off. He was later found in an ice cream cone ordered by a doctor in Malad, after which he reported it to the police.

What was the whole matter?

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On June 18, a Mumbai doctor found a human finger in an ice cream cone. The doctor made a video of this and expressed his displeasure. After this, an investigation revealed that an employee was injured in the factory on the same day the ice cream was packed. After this, the finger found in the ice cream and the employee’s DNA were matched. A DNA test revealed that the part of the finger found in the ice cream belongs to the employee.

Ice cream company’s license suspended

The Food Safety Standards of India (FSSAI) has suspended the license of a manufacturing company supplying Yummo ice cream. The food safety regulator said a team from FSSAI’s western regional office inspected the premises of the ice cream manufacturer and its license was suspended. The company has assured full cooperation in the investigation. The factory has been sealed. After a police complaint, a case was registered against the company for adulteration of food items and endangering human life.

The doctor complained

Orlem Brandon Serrao, a 26-year-old doctor from Mumbai, found his finger in an ice cream his sister ordered online. Dr. Serav said that after eating half, I felt a lump in my mouth. I thought it might be a nut or a piece of chocolate and spit it out to check what it was. He said, “I am a doctor, so I know what the body parts look like. When I examined it carefully, I saw fingernails and fingerprints under it. It looked like a thumb. I have been in shock since that day.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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