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Mumbai rains: Pools empty in Palghar; Local, Trainee Gati Mandawali, IMD Cha Mumbaila Alert Kya?

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Pre-monsoon rains lashed the state vigorously. Then there was heavy rain. Dark clouds fill the sky every day. But there is no rain, such is the condition. Monsoon has once again made a strong start in some districts. Torrential rains have started in many cities of the state. Damp rains have wreaked havoc in Palghar. Due to torrential rains, the pool on Deharj river has become empty of water. This has had a major impact on traffic.

Pool empty, traffic stopped

Due to depletion of water, communication between Palghar and Manor Wada is broken. Traffic in both directions has come to a standstill. There is water in both the up and down lines of railway trucks between West Boisar-Umaroli station. That’s why the train is moving steadily. So the railway runs 25-30 minutes late.

This is also a contract

Rain has brought life to life

At present the weather is pleasant in Mumbai, Thane and Bhiwandi areas. Many areas of Bhiwandi city were flooded due to heavy rain during the night. Many areas of Bhiwandi are submerged in water. That the weather in Mumbai has become pleasant and cool due to rain. Juhu Beach is crowded with Mumbaikars and tourists. Or the number of beach people has increased. The Meteorological Department has announced a heavy rain alert.

According to the weather report, there is rain alert for 6 days in Mumbai. Heavy rain is likely in Mumbai today and tomorrow i.e. 20 and 21 June. Then there is a possibility of light rain from 22nd to 25th June. Or average temperature is 31-32 degree Celsius and minimum temperature is 26-23 degree Celsius.

Heavy rain since morning in Kalyan Dombivli

It is raining heavily in Kalyan Dombivli since morning. This has exposed the sewage treatment of the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. Piswali Gawatil, Sri Colony, Jyotirlinga Colony, Dhanashree Colony of Kalyan East are flooded. Citizens have alleged that the Chukchi channel was dammed which led to the birth condition.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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