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Mumbai News: Woman ate more than half of the ice cream, started screaming when she found something in the cone, police reached the spot

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Ice cream is a pint of the week for many people. Many people cannot live without ice cream even in rainy and winter season. But you need to be careful while eating ice cream. A case has come to light in Malad, Mumbai that will make you think twice while eating an ice cream cone. The reason is also shocking. Because you will not be disgusted to know what is mixed in this ice cream. After eating more than half the ice cream, the woman screamed at what she saw. Now the police is investigating the matter.

What is found in ice cream?

A woman in Malad area of ​​Mumbai ordered ice cream online. The woman found a severed human finger in the ice cream cone. The woman has informed the police about this. Initial investigation by the police has said that there were human body parts in the ice cream cone.

The police have sent the human body parts found in the ice cream to FSL for further confirmation. The woman had eaten more than half of the ice cream, but when she realized something was wrong, she saw a broken human finger in the ice cream. . At present, Malad Police has registered an FIR and started investigation.

Shocked MBBS doctor

A woman, a doctor by profession, had ordered ice cream online on Wednesday morning. The order was placed on a delivery app. After some time, the ice cream arrived. After eating the top part of it, she felt something hard inside. She took it out. Then she found out that it was a 2 cm piece of finger. She immediately informed the police about it.

The police was also shocked by this incident. They have sent the human body part from the ice cream to the forensic laboratory for further investigation. Only after the forensic lab report will it be revealed whether it was really a human finger or something else. After this, the investigation will really gain momentum. Police officials said that we have taken the matter seriously. Now the police is investigating the matter further.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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