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MPs of this party are on top in Maharashtra among MPs with the highest number of crimes, how many crimes?

Ritul Pandey

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BJP has won 240 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. While NDA has got 293 seats. Bharat Aghadi has 234 MPs and other 16 MPs have been elected. Anyway, NDA government will be formed in the country. Among the newly elected MPs in the country, some MPs are the richest. Some are the poorest. Some are from the loan market. Some are from criminal background. Some are senior and some are the youngest. All of them have been elected to the Parliament by the public.

MPs with criminal background have also been elected in the 18th Lok Sabha. Maharashtra MP Dharishil Rajsingh Mohite Patil has the most crimes against him. Mohite Patil is an MP from Sharad Pawar Group. 157 serious and 36 criminal cases of IPC are registered against him. Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Azad is at second place. Chandrashekhar Azad has become an MP for the first time. He has been elected from Nagina constituency of Uttar Pradesh. He has 80 serious crimes and 36 criminal cases against him. Pappu Yadav, MP from Purnia Lok Sabha constituency of Bihar, is at third place in this ranking. 42 serious and 41 criminal cases are registered against Pappu Yadav.

Who is the richest MP?

TDP MP from Guntur Lok Sabha constituency of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Chandrasekhar Pemmasani is the richest MP of the country. His net worth is about Rs 5705 crore. BJP’s Konda Vishwaeshwar Reddy from Chevella seat of Telangana is in second place. His net worth is about Rs 4568 crore. BJP MP Naveen Jindal is at number three. Jindal has been elected from Kurukshetra Lok Sabha constituency of Haryana. His net worth is up to Rs 1241 crore.

These rich MPs of the country are also in debt. TDP MP Chandrashekhar Pemmasani has a debt of 1038 crores. DMK leader S Jagatrakshakan has a debt of 649 crores. Jagatrakshakan is elected from Arakkonam Lok Sabha constituency of Tamil Nadu. MPs who earn the highest in a year have also reached the Parliament. These MPs have given this information in their affidavits. BJP MP Naveen Jindal earned 74 crores in a year.

Who is the youngest?

The youngest MPs have also reached the new Parliament of the country. The interesting thing is that these MPs have been able to come to Parliament at the age of 25. Shambhavi, MP from Samastipur Lok Sabha constituency of Bihar has become the youngest MP. Shambhavi is an MP of LJP Ram Vilas Party. Pushpendra Saroj from Kaushambi Lok Sabha seat of UP and Priya Saroj from Machhlishahr seat have also become young MPs. Both these MPs belong to Samajwadi Party. There are also elderly MPs in the new Lok Sabha. DMK MP TR Balu from Sriperumbudur Lok Sabha constituency of Tamil Nadu is the oldest MP. Balu is 82 years old.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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