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MP’s ‘Burari Scandal’… Did 5 people hang themselves because of debt?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The horrifying picture of the Burari incident that happened six years ago in Delhi is still fresh in people’s minds. A similar case has also come up from Alirajpur in MP. Five people from the same family hanged themselves here. The police took possession of all the bodies and sent them for post-mortem. The investigation report revealed that there were no injury marks on the bodies of the deceased. All died due to suffocation.

The entire incident took place in Rauri village of Guneri Panchayat of Alirajpur district. The bodies of 30-year-old farmer Rakesh, his 28-year-old wife Lalita, seven-year-old son Prakash, five-year-old son Akshay were found hanging here on Monday morning, while the bodies of 9 others were found. Saar’s daughter Lakshmi fell on the ground inside the house. There was also a noose around the daughter’s neck. Information has come out that the entire family is in debt. There were five people in the family. It is suspected that all the five have hanged themselves together. Sources say that the family committed suicide due to financial hardship and debt.

The family members were surprised to see this scene at home.

The whole incident came to light when the deceased farmer Rakesh’s uncle reached his house for some work. He knocked on the door, rang the bell several times, but no one opened the door. As he got suspicious, he looked in through the window. They were blown away by the sight inside. Inside, four family members were hanging together. Rakesh’s uncle immediately informed the police about this. CMHO Dr. Prakash said a five-doctor panel conducted the post-mortem and found that all of them died due to suffocation. There were no injury marks on the body, although it is not yet clear whether Rakesh killed his wife and three children and hanged himself or the entire family hanged together.

Father Jagar Singh was attacked

In this matter, the police say that the family members had a lot of debt. But, why he took this loan is not yet known. However, media reports revealed that Rakesh’s father Jagar Singh was attacked. The family may have taken a loan for the father’s treatment. When he couldn’t repay the loan he mortgaged one of his lands, but the police say the father has been treated under the Ayushman scheme, so why did you take it after the whole family took the loan is not yet known?

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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