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MP: Save the daughter somewhere… When the grandparents arrived, the blood-soaked body was lying on the ground.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A 14-year-old student died under suspicious circumstances

A 14-year-old minor school girl died under suspicious circumstances in Gwalior. A student has died after falling from the eighth floor of The Legacy Plaza Apartments. In such a situation, now the police are busy solving the death of this student. Police are probing whether the student committed suicide by jumping from the building or was a victim of some accident or incident. Police are investigating the case from all angles.

The student’s family alleged that their daughter could not take such a suicidal step. Currently, the police are busy sorting out the difference and are interrogating all the CCTV footage of the building, mobile details and all the acquaintances of the student. Varsha Sharma, a 14-year-old student living in the Kunj Vihar area of ​​Gola Ka Mandir Police Station area of ​​Gwalior city, died after falling from the eighth floor of the nearby Legacy Plaza Apartments.

The student lied and left home

Varsha left home asking to go to the Dussehra ground but somehow she reached the eighth floor of Legacy Plaza Apartments. Here her friend goes to dance class. It is being told that the student started crying in front of her friend, about which the friend also informed Varsha’s father, but Varsha’s maternal uncle was arrested in such a situation as Varsha’s father was posted in the army outside the city. Asked to go to the place.

Rain was seen under the building

But when Varsha’s maternal grandparents reached there, Varsha was found lying in a pool of blood under the building. He was immediately rushed to a nearby private hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. Varsha’s family members say that when they saw her, they felt that she had been hit by someone, as if she had fallen from such a height, she would have suffered serious injuries from head to hands and feet, but her mobile was also safe. She was never suicidal and was brilliant in studies, but ultimately the circumstances under which she is no longer in this world must be investigated.

Family accused of murder

Gola Ka Mandir Police Station also reached the spot on receiving information about the student’s death due to a suspicious fall from the 8th floor of The Legacy Plaza Apartment and took the body of the student under surveillance and sent him to the hospital. Postmortem House. The police are now probing the student’s suspicious death from several angles to find out whether Varsha was a victim of an accident or incident or committed suicide.

Many questions before the police

However, many questions still remain before the police as to why the student went to the dance class she dropped at home a year ago. When the friend’s call reached her father that she was crying, what was the reason for the crying? Why was the mobile phone of the calling friend switched off when the family reached the spot? The friend told the police that a message written ‘good bye’ from Varsha also came to him. Why was Varsha disappointed in such a situation, the police are looking for answers to all these questions and soon the curtains will be revealed in the suspicious circumstances of the student’s death.

(Reporting by Dharmendra Sharma/Gwalior)

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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