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MP: Bear reappears at Salkanpur Devi Temple, breaks into shop after seeing dog; video

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A bear was seen walking in the famous Devidham Salkanpur Devi temple in Sihore district of Madhya Pradesh. Bear family has been seen roaming around the temple premises for the past several days. A video of the bear roaming around the temple has surfaced, in which the bear is first seen happily roaming around the temple. Then a dog followed the bear. To save his life, the bear entered a shop.

Security forces spotted bears in the temple premises. The dogs present for security in the temple premises barked and chased the bear away. A dog became so dominant over the bear that it started running after him to drive him away from the temple. Out of fear, the bear ran faster than the dog and ran for its life. In the end the dogs won and chased the bear away. There is a sense of fear in the surrounding area after seeing the video of bears roaming around the temple premises. People want to avoid going to temple. The bear also attacked two people in the area.

Fear of Bears

Seeing a big bear in the video, people think they have seen it, but they cannot muster up the courage for fear of risking their lives. At present full vigilance has been kept to prevent any kind of mishap. Jamuna Prasad Srivas of the temple said that the bear and its family are seen around the temple premises almost every day and sometimes the bear’s family also comes during the day. Due to which devotees also show interest to see it but people always have fear of security attack. As the entire area of ​​the famous Mata Rani Dham is surrounded by forest zone, due to which the forest department and the temple management have to make security arrangements from time to time. Because whenever a large animal enters the temple premises it becomes visible.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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