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Motihari: Gunfire between two parties over panchayat government building, Scorpio caught fire; many injured

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Firing between two parties over Panchayat Bhavan

Anyone who has watched the third season of Panchayat has come to know that village politics is on a different level. There is also a different level of chaos here. Many times there is a fierce quarrel between the two parties over small matters. Panchayat building is very important for any panchayat. In view of which the Bihar government announced the construction of panchayat government buildings for all the panchayats, but today there was a huge fight between the two parties regarding the construction of this panchayat building in Motihari.

In Motihari, Bihar, there was a lot of disturbance for a panchayat building. A fierce brawl broke out between supporters of the former president and the current president over the construction of the panchayat government building, in which half a dozen people from both sides were injured. The injured are being treated at Sadar Hospital and a private hospital. A panchayat building was supposed to be constructed here on the vacant land but it could not be done due to which there was an uproar between the two parties.

Dispute over land

The entire case pertains to Tansaria village of Shankar Saraiya under Turkaulia police station in Motihari, where a government panchayat building was to be constructed on non-majorua land near Pokhar in the village. This land was already vacant. Regarding this, the circle officer of Turkolia made a legal inspection of the land and gave his approval. Then a panchayat government building was to be constructed at that place but the first chief there said that this place is a cremation ground so you can build a panchayat government building anywhere except this place.

There were allegations of fights, firing among the supporters

But showing the order of the government, the present president told his supporters that the panchayat government house will be built on this site as nowhere in the approval has it been written that this land is a cremation ground. After that, the discussion between the two sides escalated into firing, and one of the two sides opened fire.

Senior officials reached the spot

Meanwhile, one person was hit by a bullet and on the other hand miscreants also set fire to the Scorpio car parked there. After which the atmosphere got hotter. As soon as the information was received, the circle officer of Turkaulia reached the village along with SDPO Sadar and SDM and on arrival, he sat and talked with the villagers and tried to find a solution to the problem.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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