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Mothi Update… NEET Exam Scam Madha Connection; Atketil teacher Solapurcha

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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The NEET exam scam is not limited to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Like this thread it has reached Maharashtra. K Latur has been arrested in a school scam. The teacher who filed the complaint in Latur is said to be originally from Madha in Solapur district. So how wide his network is will be investigated. Our village teachers are the ones accused of the NEET scam and this has led to a lot of debate.

The NEET exam scam has come to light in Madha Connection. Sanjay Tukaram Jadhav, a teacher embroiled in the NEET exam scam case, works as an assistant teacher in a primary school in Takli Gadchya Zilla Parishad in Madha taluk. He hasn’t even returned to school since school started. Information has come to light that Sanjay Jadhav, after being posted as a pot teacher at Taklichya School, was attending classes in Latur.

Check in depth

The arrival of a sub-teacher boat in the NEET exam connection has created an uproar in the education department of Solapur district. Who is the other partner of Sanjay Jadhav? This needs to be investigated. Which political figure or official is Sanjay Jadhavchaya Pathimage? The villagers are demanding a thorough investigation into this.

Including co-counts

Latur Police is fast-tracking the NEET exam malpractice case, four persons including Jalil Pathan and Sanjay Jadhav or two teachers have been booked and police have detained two more persons for investigation. Jalil Pathan has been arrested in this case, the court sent him to police custody till July 2. And Sanjay Jadhav is in police custody. ITI Supervisor Irna Kongalwar in Dharashiv and Gangadhar Munde from Delhi are both in progress. Police have taken two more into custody for investigation. That is, until the NEET non-behavior case comes up, the relationship of co-gentrifiers is added.

Paper link for 5 lakhs

Police have seized mobile phones and some documents from Jalil Pathan and Sanjay Jadhav. According to preliminary information, in exchange for Rs. 5 lakh paper may have been leaked and Rs. 50,000 is said to have been taken as an advance. The Latur police have maintained incredible secrecy in the matter and investigations are fast-tracked. It is likely that the police will soon take Jalil Pathan and Sanjay Jadhav or both the teachers to Delhi for research on Gangadhar Munde.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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