Miscreants broke two ATM machines and ran away, then there was a mistake, then…

Two ATM robbery incidents in UP

Two incidents of ATM robbery in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur have created a stir in the police department. Here, robbers tried to rob two different SBI ATM machines in the same night. Both the machines were uprooted by miscreants for looting. The accused fled with one machine, but in the second incident the accused made a mistake by opening the machine, due to which the accused fled leaving the ATM there. Currently, the police team is also busy investigating this case. Police say that the accused will be arrested soon.

The first incident of ATM vandalism was carried out by robbers in Gauria Prahaladpur village located on Laharpur Tambor Road in Laharpur Kotwali area. The robbers broke open the ATM on Saturday night and took it away in a vehicle. According to the police, there was around 15 lakh cash in this ATM.

An error occurred

Another incident of ATM robbery took place in Sadarpur police station area, police said. Here the robbers broke open the ATM machine of SBI. After this, when the robbers were taking the ATM machine with them, they made a big mistake. While taking out the ATM machine, the glass of the cabin door was broken. After this there was commotion at the place. Afraid of this, the robbers left the ATM machine there and ran away.

People informed the police

In the morning, when the locals saw that the ATM machine was lying outside, they called the police and reported the matter. At the same time, the police department was rushed as soon as the information was received. The police team reached the spot. After reaching the spot, the police found that the CCTV cameras were broken. Police say that the accused will be nabbed soon.


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