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Miraben’s body was found in 6 pieces inside two trains… The killer’s wife herself revealed the mystery of the murder.

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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On June 8, a woman’s body was found in six pieces inside two trains leaving Ujjain. The police have now solved the mystery of the woman’s murder. Police have arrested one person in this case. He is accused of murdering a woman. Meeraben, a resident of Ratlam district, went missing from Bilpunk area on June 6. She had a quarrel with her husband. After which she left the house and went somewhere.

Police said Meeraben had left home for her maternal uncle in Mathura. But on the platform of Ujjain railway station he met a man named Kamlesh. Kamlesh saw the woman alone and spoke to her. Sympathize. Told you to go to my house and rest. Then go to Mathura. The woman was also impressed by Kamlesh’s words. But Kamlesh gave him drugs mixed in food. Due to which Miraben started fainting.

Started my compulsion on Miraben

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Kamlesh tried to force her again. Miraben didn’t quite faint. Hence he started opposing Kamlesh. Kamlesh then hit Meeraben on the face with a sharp weapon. Due to which Miraben died. After the death of the woman, the accused had planned to dispose of the body. He bought a knife from the market and cut the body into six pieces. He packed these pieces in sacks and bags and kept them in Indore Mahu Demu train at Ujjain railway station. A bag was left at the station after the train departed. After keeping the bag in the Rishikesh-bound Yog Nagri Express, the accused returned home.

The accused’s wife disclosed

The accused had committed the crime very nicely. But he was caught by mistake. He inserted his SIM in Miraben’s mobile. Police arrested the accused from Ratlam while tracking the mobile number. The secret of Meeraben’s murder was revealed to the police by the accused’s wife herself. Currently, the police is also interrogating the wife of the accused. Efforts are being made to find out whether Kamlesh committed the crime alone or if someone else was involved.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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