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Men are humble to victory, queens are against, they are violent – samantoon hullabaloo

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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A man humbles himself to win. Campaigning is the opposite. Narayan Ranewar released a comment from Shiv Sena’s (Ubhath) mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, saying that Vijayan becomes violent and abusive. Konkantoon Shiv Sena Sampavali or Ranechya Tikela Samantoon Chowk has been answered. People like Rane will never succeed in defeating Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena is not one to shy away from defeat. Rane and his family members Shiv Sena have spread dust three times, speaking against each other in such terms.

What is forward accounting?

The front page of the page is as follows…

Martukadi Mhais Dhyanimani Nastana Gabhan Rahavi Tasa Ranench Vijay

The BJP party has been exposed in the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra. ‘This time four hundred times’ Walya’s nose was ruined by Maharashtra, while both his ears were ruined by Uttar Pradesh and the ‘Mundan’ program was ruined by Rahul Gandhi. Yet the victory of this world is pipanya vajvat fartat ha vinod ahe. BJP’s data in Maharashtra is overwhelming. Or some sort of ambush or accident in the middle of the night. One of the great ones is Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg Kha. This is Narayan Rane. Rane was not in a position to win. Martukadi Mhais dhyanimni nastana gabhan rahavi tasa his victory ahe. Here comes Mr. Rane’s claim, “Shiv Sena is strong in Lok Sabha elections in Konkani. Konkant will not give land to anyone from now on. I will give them a wake up call where our lawyers will come.” These slogans are the result of BJP’s arrogant attitude. Not accepting that he is a gentleman among them.

Rane O Adhichya was the Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Modi government. He did not get a place in the new Raloa cabinet. This made his subtle senses tingle and he began to speak in the language of ‘Shivsena sampli, sampwali’. Rane has not become a minister again, this is his qualification. (The word ‘worthy’ is more appropriate.) Rane was once a Shiv Sena leader. Shiv Sena has held all the posts up to the post of Chief Minister and has taken his side. Rane became financially rich because of Shiv Sena. Members of his family wore hats shaped like Sonyachi Kaula and Dokavar Zupkedar, but the Khalya family behaved like Mojavetes.

Ranenna Vijaya got indigestion

Rane moved from Shiv Sena to Congress and from Congress to BJP. He criticized senior Congress leaders like Ghanerdi for joining the BJP. Only BJP leaders speak from their side. Modi does not even recognize him as a minister and those who remain inactive despite being MPs are speaking the language of winning Shiv Sena by showing their opposition to Modi. Rane looks at Kakarkade and feels that his nature has become a little fragile. That is why Vijayach got indigestion. Rane has suffered from such indigestion many times in the past, but has been given a brutal remedy by the Shiv Sena time after time.

Shiv Sena defeated Rane and his gang by modulating terrorism in Konkani. Rane was defeated by Shiv Sena in Konkani and defeated in Mumbai. (The word ‘Godle’ is more appropriate here.) That is why the people of Kokanchi know that the Shiv Sena’s use of Samvyanchi language often makes people feel uncomfortable. Election in Konkani means ‘hariya-narya’ tolikadnu raktachi holi and khunakhunicha shimgach ase. Ramesh Govekar, Sridhar Naik, Ankush Parab, Sathyavijay Bhise’s blood ‘Pachvoon’ cat, Today the real history of Vijay’s ‘Mewing’ cat has been revealed by Devendra Fadnavis in the assembly.

Rane’s candidature may turn out to be a conspiracy

Stories have surfaced of how Narayan Rane lived in Konkant or Veli. It is clearly seen on camera that Rane has spread money by emptying pockets, corrupting people, winning opinions. Rane got 48,000 votes as an MP with the election system and district administration unconscious and bullied, but Rane’s status as an MP may deteriorate if he goes to court to buy votes. Rane got 4,48,514 votes while Shiv Sena’s Vinayak Raut got 4,00,656 votes. This means that queens who consider themselves great leaders etc will not get an aghadi like panna hazaranchi. With the help of the Paisanch Sports Administration and the police, Jhala Nasta and Rane would have defeated at least a couple of lakhs each, but Panas Hazara’s Jinkle Rane is the ‘Kokan’ champion.

No matter how many parties Rane joins, the party loses.

The truth is that BJP’s defeat in Jhala and Modi-Shahana in Maharashtra woke them up. What is left to be done by Modi-Shah to establish Shiv Sena? But Uddhav Thackeray created a storm with the help of Congress and Nationalist Congress and BJP was defeated. Rane won on his own, but the BJP lost. The more Rane went to the party, the more the party would have been in the same state as Maharashtra, the party would have lost, Rane’s former colleague Deepak Kesarkar rightly said. It is wrong that Rane has declared Shiv Sena’s defeat.

With the help of money and the police system, he temporarily withdrew from Kokani Bana and self-respect. Konkancha is a treasure of land, industry and other provinces. Coconut poisoning projects are here. Rane said this. People like Rane will never succeed in defeating Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena is not one to shy away from defeat. Rane and his family were defeated by the Shiv Sena. There will be defeat on the fourth day. A man humbles himself to win. Ranyanche is the opposite. Those conquerors are violent and dishonest. It will be Modi-Fadnavis-Shahan. Maharashtra defeated them!

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

I am Arun Sharma, a versatile news writer covering entertainment, sports, and breaking news.

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