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Mayawati starts overhauling BSP, can she make a comeback in 2027?

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Mayawati tries to revive BSP (File photo)

BSP has lost everything by following the path of ‘lone variables’ in the Lok Sabha elections. The condition of BSP in 2024 is worse than in 2014. Not only is the party reduced to zero seats but its vote share has also dipped below 10 percent. In such a situation, Mayawati has started reorganizing the party organization to restore the BSP, which she started with the district organization. In UP, half a dozen working bodies have been reshuffled and formed, while in Haryana, they have taken a step forward on the alliance path by joining hands with the INLD. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether the BSP will be able to make a comeback in the 2027 UP assembly elections.

After the elections in Uttar Pradesh, the BSP’s political base is declining. In the 2024 elections, the BSP has secured 9.39 percent votes in UP, which is equal to the vote share it got in the 1989 elections. In such a situation, it is clear that a large part of the Dalit vote has been dispersed, including the Jats. After becoming an MP, Chandrasekhar Azad has now become a new challenge for the BSP, due to which Mayawati is trying every trick to save her cadre votes. Now the organization has started giving priority to dalits and backward classes, so that the BSP can be re-established.

After the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, the BSP has formed half a dozen district units of UP. New committees have been formed in districts like Lucknow, Prayagraj, Rae Bareli, Pratapgarh and Unnao. A letter issued by the BSP said that the new executive has been formed on the orders of the party’s national president and former chief minister Mayawati. The BSP has made 60 per cent officials from the Dalit community, 30 per cent OBCs and 10 per cent Muslims in its district committees. Thus BSP has strategized to create OBC-Muslim equation by giving importance to Dalits.

After the election results, BSP chief Mayawati has started reorganizing the party organization after reviewing the national, divisional and district committees and now the assembly, sector and booth committees in the party. UP BSP President Vishwanath Pal told TV-9 Digital that a national meeting of the party was held after the Lok Sabha elections, in which the results were reviewed. After this, a review was conducted at the coordinator division and district level. Changes have been made after review by Assembly, Sector and Booth Committees. Instead of passive workers, now dedicated and hard working people are being given place in the organization. BSP does not do politics of caste and religion, but the party does politics of Bahujan, in which it works for Dalits, backward people and minorities.

It also lost its traditional Dalit vote to the BSP in the 2024 elections. From 2014 to 2022, it also came to light that at first the BJP made a dent in its Dalit votes and in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party also succeeded to some extent. This is why BSP chief Mayawati’s first challenge is to bring back her Dalit vote bank. This is the reason why Mayawati has returned political post to Akash Anand. Along with this, the party has also started making changes and is preparing to contest strongly in all 10 seats in the by-elections.

No one seems as aggressive as Mayawati even on the recent Hathras incident. Mayawati is constantly warning Dalits not to fall into the trap of these babas. No other party is his well wisher either. Get self power by joining BSP. Now maximum attention is being given to Dalits in the organization as well. She herself went there with her nephew and successor Akash Anand to mourn the assassination of her state president in Tamil Nadu.

BSP has joined hands with INLD for Haryana assembly elections. Akash Anand announced the alliance on Thursday. BSP will contest on 37 assembly seats in Haryana, where Akash Anand will have all responsibility. This is Mayawati’s strategy to retain the Dalit votes that had slipped in Haryana, as the Dalit votes have gone to the BSP. Congress is working on Dalit and Jat equation in Haryana, which led Mayawati to take a big step by forming alliance with INLD which depends on Jat votes.

Since Kanshiram’s time, BSP has been doing Dalit, OBC and Muslim alliance politics. In this too especially Dalits have been the mainstay of this alliance. He fears that as some Dalits have been scattered so far, if the rest of the Dalit votes are also scattered, it will be a big blow to the BSP, as all opposition parties are eyeing this vote bank. Now there is a new threat from Chandrasekhar’s Azad Samaj Party in UP. Chandrasekhar is also making continuous efforts to lead Dalit politics. In such a situation, Mayawati is also trying to give a political message by giving a place to the Dalit community in the organization.

Vote bank reduced from 30 to 9 percent In 2007, Mayawati secured 30.43 percent votes in the assembly through a formula of social engineering. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections also, BSP got 27.4 percent votes. In 2012, social engineering lost its luster. Votes fell to 25.9 percent. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BSP got 20 percent votes. It got 23 percent votes in 2017, 19.36 percent votes in Lok Sabha elections 2019 and only 18.88 percent votes in 2022. While in the recently held Lok Sabha elections, BSP got only 9.8 percent votes.

How will BSP come back in UP? Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the BSP organized cadre camps in villages, holding small meetings to share the party’s vision. In this connection, people belonging to the ideology of Bahujan Samaj were also given place in the organization. After months of encampment, BSP officials claimed to have created a large army of workers. In which a committee of 5 members will be formed at 1 lakh 74 thousand 359 booths of the state. Therefore, before the election, a plan was made to deploy an army of 8 lakh 71 thousand 795 workers only at the booth level.

Sector committees have been formed at 10 booths. In such a situation it was claimed that there are about 17 thousand 435 sector committees in the state. In which 12 members were kept in a sector committee. In this regard, there were 2 lakh 9 thousand 220 officers and members in the sector committees. In such a situation, BSP strategists boasted of having a team of over 10 lakh 81 thousand key workers in the state before the Lok Sabha elections, but the result remained nil. In such a situation, Mayawati has once again embarked on the same campaign to build the BSP, but this time she has initiated change from the grassroots level.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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