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Mayawati again chose Akash Anand as her successor, making her the national coordinator of the BSP

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Akash Anand and BSP chief Mayawati.

BSP leaders from across the country reached the party office. This meeting was called after the party’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. BSP chief Mayawati is punctual. The starting time of the meeting was fixed at 11 am, so all the leaders sat in their seats before time. The commotion intensified as the clock in the hall moved towards 11. There was an alert of Mayawati’s arrival. Then a few seconds later Mayawati entered with her brother and nephew.

Mayawati was leading in this entry followed by Anand Kumar and his son Akash Anand. Mayawati came to the hall and sat on her chair. Nephew Akash Anand touched his feet. Mayawati placed her hand on his head and blessed him. Meanwhile, the photographers asked the sister once more. Mayawati again placed her hand on Akash’s forehead while smiling.

Mayawati asked Akash to sit at home

This is the same Akash Anand whom Mayawati announced as her political successor a few months ago. He was the second leader in the party after Mayawati. He was the future of BSP. He used to go around the country campaigning for the party. He used to give interviews to media organizations, but Mayawati took away all his rights from him during the elections. Akash asked Anand to sit at home.

Mayawati removed Akash Anand as the party’s national coordinator on 7 May after the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections citing his immaturity. After this his campaign programs were cancelled. When the results of the Lok Sabha elections came out, the BSP saw a disappointing performance. The party could not win a single seat.

It was said that she was upset with Akash Anand’s aggressive speeches. Akash was also booked for a controversial statement against the BJP, but Mayawati placing her hand on Akash’s forehead in front of senior party leaders signals a changing situation. Akash Anand has returned to the BSP mainstream politically.

Akash became the National Coordinator of the BSP

Mayawati has again announced Akash Anand as her political successor. Mayawati said that Akash Anand would connect the youth with the party, but the meeting decided that Akash would be kept out of UP political affairs for now.

Akash has again been given an important responsibility in the party to counter the growing political influence of Chandrasekhar Ravan. Chandrasekhar and his Azad Samaj Party are rapidly making inroads in UP. Chandrasekhar himself has become a Lok Sabha MP from Nagina. In such a situation, the challenge of Mayawati and Akash Anand has increased. In the recently held Lok Sabha elections, BSP’s vote share was 9.3%. The biggest threat facing Mayawati is to protect her Dalit vote bank.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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