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Major tragedy in Mathura, high tension wire falls in field due to rain; 22 workers injured

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Major accident in Mathura

Heavy rains in Mathura, the city of Sri Krishna, have disrupted public life. People’s life has become difficult due to changing weather conditions. In the meantime, a major accident took place in a village located in Kosikala area of ​​Mathura. The high tension line was broken due to heavy rain. A woman died due to this electric current. The high tension wire fell in a farmer’s field where the woman was working.

Due to high tension line breakage, electricity spread in the field. Many farmers working in the fields were also injured due to electrocution in the fields. As soon as the current spread, noise started everywhere and an atmosphere of chaos was created. On hearing the screams of the people, the locals rushed to the spot and admitted all the electrocuted people to the hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

The accident occurred due to rain

According to information, around 22 laborers, including a woman, were electrocuted due to the line break. A woman died in this incident. The woman was identified as Chanchal, while three people were seriously injured and are undergoing treatment at the hospital. Informing about this, Sher Singh, a local person, said that the accident happened because the rainy season is going on.

22 laborers were electrocuted

A local person said that a high tension line wire fell in the field due to sudden rain, electrocuting around 22 laborers working in the field, seriously injuring three people and also killing a woman. Also 18 people were not seriously injured and have been discharged from hospital. But the condition of three people is still critical.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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