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Mahayuti: Ajit Pawar In coming times, your loincloth is your middle, Shinde Gattil or Badya Netyala Amol Mitkarincha Tola, Mahayuti’s rage has increased

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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Amol Mitkari Yamcha Shindesnavar Hallabol

The rumor that Mahayutti is destitute after the Lok Sabha elections is not true, is it? Here are the statements of such leaders. After checking the statements of the leaders, it will be understood that Ajit Pawar has been targeting the Gatala Mahayuti for the last eight weeks. Ajit Pawar of BJP and Shinde Sena is said to be upset with the group. Some BJP MLAs will understand the allegation that Ajit Pawar faced defeat in the Lok Sabha because of his association with Gatala. Ajit Pawar is responding to all level of allegations.

BJP Gotatun Halla

This is also a contract

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s English mouthpiece The Organizer was the first to publish Ajit Pawar’s Tof Dagli. What was BJP’s earpiece given after the election? Such accounts would have led to BJP’s defeat in the state by supporting Ajit Pawar Gatala. Ajit Pawaran would have accused the BJP of price reduction. After this, even in the BJP meeting, some MLAs would have expressed their displeasure if they were associated with Dada.

Ramdas Kadam hit the bomb

The Shindesena is said to be upset with him for associating him with Ajit Pawar. Then Ramdas Kadam exploded the bomb. Ajitdada, for a few days Mahayuti ale ale hainte tari chalam asant, Kadmani made such a gesture. That is why great leader Ajit Pawar is facing rumors about the group. Mahayuti’s argument is to come.

Your loincloth is your middle

Ajit Pawar Gattawar has repeatedly raised the issue of Mahayuti. It is being answered by Pawar Gattatun. Amol Mitkari took full note of Ramdas Kadam’s statement. Ramdas kadam, aap jorat saying “magoon ane ajit dada paho ashira aale aale aste tar baran jalan asant” I am telling you for information that your loincloth is wet, ashira aale aste tar should go to the Himalayas. By Dadaji’s grace, don’t forget that you are the one who speaks.” Thus the shabby village fell to Mitkari’s feet.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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