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Maharashtra Politicians Tweet Earthquake, Ajit Pawar Says, New MP Bajrang Sonavane Says Clearly…

Arun Sharma

By Arun Sharma

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The second part has started after the Maharashtra Lok Sabha elections. MLA Amol Mitkari tweeted about the Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar faction in the Nationalist Congress. That there has been an earthquake in the state after Twitter. According to Amol Mitkari’s claim, Bajrang Sonwane, an MP from Sharad Pawar’s party who won the bid, tried to contact Ajit Pawar. After Amol Mitkari’s tweet of “Bichya Bappacha Dada’s phone” or four words, there has been an earthquake in the politics of the state. In this regard, MP Bajrang Sonwane has clarified all the dilemmas while talking to “TV 9 Marathi”.

What does Bajrang Sonavane say?

Speaking to TV9 Marathi, after Amol Mitkari’s tweet, MP Bajrang Sonavane said, Who is Amol Mitkari? Are you the manager of Ajit Dada’s bungalow? The reason is that the operator has records on Dutch phones. The people of my Beed district have shown me a lot of love. If I commit any sin, I will go out of my house and preach to the people of Beed district. Pawar sahebanna sodayche mhatyavya tar my father mala salahal lagatil. My wife will not eat anything, not even breakfast, such a situation will happen.

Topics outside of politics are…

Bajrang Sonavane has said that in politics there are some subjects beyond power, but the arrogance of politics is not understood. Amol Mitkari said in another tweet that a decision will be taken as the factory is in trouble. But I will not take such a big decision for any problem. I was asked by Sharad Pawar Sahib and Jayant Patil to contest the elections. I gave two words. After that I fight and choose.

Who is Bolvita Dhani?

My factory is not in trouble. Consider any of my councillors. All the farmers of Beed district have been paying regularly for the last 12 years. Amol Mitkari or who is rich by his tweets or rich by his words? Hey Amol Mitkari Sangave. We will have 200 votes in the assembly. Government will come under Maharashtra Maha Vikas Aghadi. Hey I tell you responsibly. We will withdraw 1000 rupees from Marathwada. If the party comes and gives me the responsibility of forming the Legislative Assembly in Marathwada, I will go through it.

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

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