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Maharashtra Police Bharti 2024: Police recruitment affected due to rain, recruitment postponed in some places, in some places candidates demanded cancellation of exam

Ritul Pandey

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Police recruitment process is going on in the state. Field test is being conducted in many districts. Candidates have appeared for this examination. But at many places the ground has become wet due to rain. This is affecting the candidates. At some places the field test has been cancelled. At some places the candidates have demanded to postpone the field test. The field test in Beed has been cancelled and will be held on July 1. But the decision of the police administration to conduct the field test during the monsoon is being criticized.

Field test cancelled in Beed

It has been raining in Beed for two days. This has now affected the police recruitment. Today’s police recruitment has been cancelled due to mud on the ground. Today was the field test of 1009 candidates. But due to rain, this exam will now be held on July 1. The police administration has requested the candidates to appear in the field at 5:30 am on July 1.

Demand to cancel the examination in Amravati

It is raining heavily in Amravati Rural Police Recruitment. Students are demanding that a later date be given for the field test as the field has been damaged due to rain. Candidates say that this ground is not suitable for field test.

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Ground covered in Jalgaon

In view of the rain in Jalgaon, the ground where the police recruitment is going on has been covered with tarpaulin. The recruitment process for 137 posts is being implemented by the Jalgaon District Police Force. Candidates from Akola, Latur, Dharashiv, Yavatmal, Dhule districts have come for the police recruitment in Jalgaon.

Recruitment for 137 posts in Chandrapur

Doctors, engineers and teachers are also in the ‘race’ for recruitment in Chandrapur Police Force. Here the recruitment process is going on for 137 posts. For this, 22 thousand 583 candidates have applied, including 13 thousand 443 men, 6 thousand 315 women and 2 third parties, 2 thousand 176 men, 646 women and 1 third party for nine posts of Bandsman.

Recruitment started in Navi Mumbai

Field test police recruitment has started in Navi Mumbai. The recruitment process was going on for 185 police constable posts in Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate. But due to rain the ground became muddy. It was announced that due to this the recruitment process has been postponed.

Field trials in Washim

4 thousand 279 candidates had applied for 68 posts in Washim District Police Force. Among them, there are 3760 male candidates and 519 female candidates. On the first day, 686 candidates gave the field test. On the second day, 941 candidates gave the field test. Yesterday, on the third day, 732 candidates took the field test.

Difficulties in field testing in Raigarh

Field tests were to begin for police recruitment for 422 vacant posts in Raigad district. However, due to increased rain, physical and field tests have started at Nehuli Sports Ground in Alibag. Due to rain, a big crisis has arisen on the occasion of police recruitment in Nehuli. Sheds have been built in some areas. This recruitment will continue after the test there.

Recruitment process in Bhandara district

Field test for 60 police constable posts is going on at Bhandara District Police Headquarters ground since Wednesday. On the third day of male field test on Friday, 800 candidates were called. Out of these, 562 candidates appeared. 504 candidates passed the exam while 56 candidates were declared ineligible. 2400 candidates were called in three days. Out of these, 1485 candidates have been declared eligible and 214 candidates have been declared ineligible.

Ritul Pandey

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