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Maharashtra: Came to attend a wedding, made a travel plan; Story of Bhushi Dam Accident

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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5 people drowned in the falls

Bhushi Dam is in Pune, Maharashtra. The dam has been a tourist attraction for years. People keep coming here for picnics. A major accident took place here on Sunday. A woman and four children who came to visit the dam were washed away. The dead bodies of four people have been found. The rescue team is still searching for the child. The condition of the family members is bad and they are crying after the tragedy.

The Ansari family from Agra had come to Pune to attend a relative’s wedding. The wedding was on 27th June. There was a happy atmosphere in the house. Two days later on June 29, the Walima (reception event after the wedding) was also well attended. After the wedding, people planned to visit on 30th June. With everyone’s consent, a plan was made to visit Bhushi Dam.

The family said

A family member said that on June 30, 17 people from both the families came to Lonavala. Then suddenly at two o’clock in the afternoon I got a call from my brother. He was crying. He said that the daughter was swept away in the waterfall. Four other people were also swept away with him. Hearing this, other members of the family immediately reached Lonavala Bhushi Dam.

4 bodies were found

After the accident on Sunday, the rescue team has pulled out 4 dead bodies from the waterfall. Including Sahista Liaqat Ansari (age-36), Amima Salman aka Adil Ansari (age-13), Ugraa Salman aka Adil Ansari (age-8), Adnan Ansari (age-4), Maria Ansari (age-9) is including institutions of

Went to bathe in the waterfall

There is a waterfall in the mountains behind Bhushi Dam. On Sunday afternoon, a woman and four children went to bathe in the falls. Meanwhile, all the five people got swept away in the waterfall. According to information, water flow in Bhushi Dam was high due to continuous rain. According to Pune Superintendent of Police Pankaj Deshmukh, relief and rescue work is still going on.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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