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Madhya Pradesh: 91st day of ASI survey in Bhojshala, this evidence came out from the ground!

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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The ASI team completed the survey on the 91st day at Bhojshala

A survey of Dhar Bhojshala in Indore Division of Madhya Pradesh is underway. Archaeological Survey of India i.e. ASI has been conducting this survey for the past 91 days. A survey is to be done to find out whether Dhar’s Bhojshala is a temple of Mata Saraswati or Kamal Maulana’s Masjid. Now some evidence has come out from this Bhojshala, due to which the Hindu party is claiming that there is no doubt that the Bhojshala is a temple.

Today was the 91st day of ASI survey in Bhojshala. During these excavations he found some objects which are related to Hinduism. During the excavation, a one and a half feet tall statue of Lord Krishna made of black stone was found. He found this idol of Sri Krishna in the north-east part. Apart from this, two stones related to Hinduism have also been found. On which are inscribed the ancient symbols of Sanatan Dharma. Photography and videography of all these fossils have also been done by the ASI team.

A few days ago, many secrets were revealed

The special thing is that a few days ago, some such secrets were revealed from a closed room of the banquet hall, which the Hindu party is claiming as its victory. When the ASI opened the long-locked room in the canteen, it found 79 pieces of evidence linked to Hinduism, on the basis of which the Hindu party is calling the canteen a temple. First of all let us tell you what is found in this dining room.

  • When he checked the room, he found a broken idol of Maa Vagdevi.
  • An idol of Lord Shri Ganesha was found under the ground.
  • Apart from this, the idol of Lord Hanuman is also seen in this room.
  • Forms of Maa Mahishasura Mardini, Maa Parvati and Bhairavanathji have also been seen in this room.
  • The Hindu party is saying that its claim is stronger after finding idols of other gods and goddesses.
  • At the entrance to the closed room are symbols of conch, wheel and mace.
  • The ASI team has found 79 such relics related to Hinduism from this room.

What are Hindu and Muslim parties saying now?

– The Hindu party claims that the idols were found in the banquet room. This proves that Dhar Bhojsala was a temple. While the Muslim side argues that the room was sealed in 1997. The room was empty at that time and these idols were placed later.

The Indian side says that the open banquet and idols of Hindu deities found there also confirm that this is not a complex but a place of worship. Also, the Muslim side says how the idols came into the room. This is the subject of investigation.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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