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Madam, it’s a crowd, wear nice clothes here… Manager advises, woman lodges FIR

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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Advising women became expensive

Advising a woman about clothes proved costly for a man in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. The woman has lodged a complaint of rape against the man in the police station. This person was a hotel manager. The manager advised the woman about her clothes, causing the woman to get angry and file a complaint against the manager. On the woman’s complaint, the police have registered a case under section 354 against the manager.

Information has come out that the accused manager is also an official of BJP. A case has been registered against the accused following the woman’s complaint. In fact, the woman had checked into a hotel in Bhind. The woman is a resident of Delhi. The lady went to her room. After this, she changed and sat in the reception area with her laptop and started working on something.

Mahila came to take the exam at Bhind.

The woman is studying LLM and came in droves to take the same exam. The woman was doing her work when the receptionist asked her to go to her room to work or come back dressed appropriately. The lady told the receptionist that her room didn’t have wifi so she was coming there to work and no way it happened. The angry woman called the hotel manager.

Police registered a case

The manager told the woman, ‘Madam, it’s a crowd, wear proper clothes’. The woman got very angry at this and started a heated argument with her manager. After this the woman called the police and then the police came and pacified both of them. The police then took the duo to the police station where the woman registered a case against the manager. The manager alleged that it was all a lie and he only said that the woman was not wearing the right clothes, they were too short. Currently, the police is investigating the matter.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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