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Love, marriage and then a double murder…a shocking story from Telangana

Nita Yadav

By Nita Yadav

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A man killed his wife’s parents in Telangana today. Police have identified the accused as M Nagaraju. The accused is a resident of Hanamkonda town in Mahbubabad district of Telangana. Actually Nagaraju was working as an auto driver in the city and Deepika was doing her degree course in the same city. Both fell in love and wanted to get married, but Deepika’s parents were not ready for this marriage. Deepika’s father Srinivas rejected the marriage proposal and despite his refusal, Nagaraju and Deepika eloped and got married in October 2023.

Deepika’s father Srinivas filed a missing complaint at the Subedari police station in Hanamkonda as soon as he got the information about her marriage. While investigating on Srinivasa’s complaint, the police found Nagaraju and Deepika and after counseling both, the police released them as adults. After this Nagaraju and Deepika came to Hyderabad and started living there.

A few days later, Deepika’s father asks her to come back to the village and Deepika accepts her parents’ advice and tells them that she is pregnant. Deepika’s parents were not happy with this marriage and were even more angry about the child issue. He took his daughter to a private hospital and got her aborted.

Parents did not allow Deepika to return home

Accused Nagaraju was angry with this. He learns that Deepika’s parents are still not accepting the marriage and are preventing Deepika from returning home. What happened next, Nagaraju got scared and on Thursday morning he reached Deepika’s parents house with sickle in full swing.

Murder of father and mother

The accused first attacked Deepika’s father Srinivasa, who was sleeping outside the house, killing him on the spot, due to the noise, Deepika’s mother Sugana also woke up and started shouting for help but Nagaraju also attacked her and killed her. Hearing the noise, Deepika and her brother Madan Lal came out. Accused Nagaraju also attacked them with a sickle, due to which both were injured. Immediately after the attack, the nearby people also reached the spot, after which the accused ran away after seeing the crowd. After this, locals admitted Deepika and her brother to a private hospital in Hanamkonda for treatment. Now the police have taken the accused into custody and started investigating the case.

Nita Yadav

Nita Yadav

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