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Loss to railways? No ‘blank’ stations in Maharashtra in ‘Amrit Bharat’ station redevelopment

Ritul Pandey

By Ritul Pandey

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Konkan Railway has provided the cheapest and most reliable transport option to Chakramanya people living in Mumbai. A separate corporation has been set up for the construction of Konkan Railway. Konkan Railway is managed by this corporation. In the year 1997, Konkan Railway crossed the Ves of Maharashtra and reached Mangalore. In these 27 years, the number of trains for Chakramanya in Konkan has not increased. Konkan Railway initially operated three trains namely Dadar-Ratnagiri, Konkan Kanya and Mandvi. However, the introduction of many trains on this route by Central Railway boosted tourism in Sindhudurg, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala of Maharashtra to a great extent. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Amrit Bharat’ scheme of redevelopment of railway stations does not include any station of Maharashtra, but only Margao and Udupi stations.

Konkan Railway does not have any of its own trains and engines. For this they have to depend on Central Railway. Konkan Railway route is being used exclusively for this purpose. Since the track of Konkan Railway is single, there is a limit on the number of trains. Today it is patting its back by running only 52 express and 18 goods trains. Only 50 km stretch from Roha to Veer has somehow been completed on this route. Konkan Railway covers a total distance of 738 km from Roha to Thokur. The special thing is that due to natural difficulties and severe shortage of funds, doubling work on this route is possible only in some flat areas.

Santosh Kumar Jha, the newly elected Chairman and Managing Director of Konkan Railway Vikas Nigam, recently held a press conference to give information about the affairs of Konkan Railway. In this press conference, information about the future plans of Konkan Railway was given. Konkan Railway is the only railway in the country that runs on two different schedules. Konkan Railway has a different schedule for monsoon. Since the Konkan Railway route is built in an extremely inaccessible and unfavorable area, a different schedule has to be implemented every year during the rainy season. Chairman and Managing Director Santosh Kumar Jha said, this is probably the only railway in the world that has such a different monsoon schedule due to heavy rains in the area and the tunnels built through the mountains, which automatically restrict the speed of trains.

Preparing for the monsoon

Since Konkan receives the highest rainfall (4500 to 5000 mm), since the Konkan Railway has 91 tunnels on this route (the Karbude tunnel in Ratnagiri is the largest, 6.5 km long), speed restrictions are imposed on trains on this route. Self-recording rain gauge machines have been installed here to measure the amount of rainfall. Automatic flood warning machines have been installed on Kali, Savitri and Vashti rivers. Anemometer wind speed machines are installed to measure wind speed. Also, 672 trackmen are appointed for patrolling.

Cold Storage at Ratnagiri Station

The fishermen brothers who fish in Konkan needed a cold storage to export their perishable goods. For this, cold storage is being built at Ratnagiri station. For this, an agreement has been made with Mahapreet, an institution of the Maharashtra State Government. Farmers and fishermen professionals will be able to use this facility. The capacity of this cold storage is 2000 metric tonnes and a total investment of Rs 18.66 crore will be made for this. Fish and fruits can be stocked here. So from here the goods of the farmers can be kept at Nhava Sheva or other ports for export abroad.

Negligence in redevelopment of ‘Amrit Bharat’ station

The Government of India is implementing the ‘Amrit Bharat’ scheme to transform railway stations. This scheme includes many stations across the country. Only Margaon and Udupi stations on the Konkan route are included in this scheme. But one station of Maharashtra is not included in the ‘Amrit Bharat’ station redevelopment scheme. Ratnagiri, Kankavali, Kudal and Thivim railway stations of Konkan Railway will be included in the ‘One Station, One Product’ scheme to promote marketing and trade of local products.

Bird watching center

A bird observation centre will be set up at Karmali station of Konkan Railway. Many birds visit the lake here. Since a bird observation centre is being set up next to this lake, amateur tourists can avail this service here at a nominal fee. Also, a pod capsule hotel facility will be started at Madgaon station on the lines of pod hotels abroad for stay.

Ticket windows and beautification

Beautification of adjacent roads and stations will be done at 12 stations like Kolad, Veer, Ratnagiri, Sawantwadi Road, Mangaon, Khed, Chiplun, Sangameshwar, Rajapur Road, Kankavali, Sindhudurg, Kudal. This work will be done here with a fund of Rs 62 crore from the Public Works Department of the state government. Although the current trend of passengers is to buy tickets online, some passengers still buy tickets at ticket windows. UTS cum PRS center ticket counters are also being built for such passengers.

executive Lounge

There are plans to develop a ‘front fa├žade’ in the area in front of the station to set up vehicle parking and other facilities at Madgaon station. Konkan Railway said executive lounges have been set up or are under tender process at Margaon, Thivim, Khed, Chiplunnu, Ratnagiri, Bendur, Kundapura, Udupi, Karwar, Murudeshwar.

Patch doubling

Since the Konkan Railway track is not double-tracked, there are heavy restrictions on the running of railway trains. But since this route passes through hills and valleys, the cost of doubling this route is very high. Therefore, the track will be double-tracked only in areas with flat land. The 50 km railway line from Roha to Veer has been double-tracked so far. Meanwhile, the track is going to be double-tracked in the flat areas from Veer to Kankavli. Konkan Railway has clarified that a proposal will be sent to the Railway Board for this.

Konkan Railway’s mark in the world

Konkan Railway has provided its technology and services all over the world. Konkan Railway has taken the responsibility of building the railway between Nepal and India. Konkan Railway engineers have played a vital role in building the world’s tallest bridge (35 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower of Paris) over the Chenab River in Kashmir, similarly the railway’s first Anji Khad Cable Bridge is built between Katra and Raisi in the same area and it is built at a height of 196 meters from the river bed.

Konkan Railway has been entrusted with all the responsibilities from the construction of Nepal-India railway line to the commissioning of the railway. Moreover, the tunnels of the country’s first expressway Mumbai to Pune Express Highway have also been dug by Konkan Railway. Konkan Railway has also won the tender for operating and managing the Navi Mumbai Metro. And currently the operation of Navi Mumbai Metro is handled by Konkan Railway.

Horse racing from Nepal to Kenya

Konkan Railway is going to build a total of 136 km long broad gauge railway line from Raxaul (India) to Kathmandu (Nepal). For this, Konkan Railway has prepared the DPR. Konkan Railway has also provided DEMU trains to Nepal. Along with this, Tata Chemicals is also going to rebuild a railway line in Magadi, Kenya.

ganpati special train

Chakramani likes to go to Konkan by train every year by Konkan Railway. Therefore, the demand for tickets is highest during this time. To meet this additional demand, Konkan Railway runs special trains every day. This year also Konkan Railway is going to run high-speed trains. Last year in 2023, 305 additional Ganpati special trains were run by Konkan Railway.

Ritul Pandey

Ritul Pandey

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